How to Take Original Pictures?

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We all tend to think we can take good pictures, now that our smartphones are delivering such high-quality photos. However, judging by results on Instagram and Facebook, we can see that the term “good” can be relative. But if you want to wow your friends on social media, how can you find ways to make original pictures? Here are a few tips to help you out.


  • Create a Time Lapse


This is definitely something that will get your friends to notice your talents, and it is because nothing compares to a timelapse video. Before you say that a video are not pictures, let’s describe how a time lapse is created. First, you’ll need to find the right subject, which is the key element for a time lapse. The goal is to shoot pictures at a regular interval, so that you see something developing on the screen, once you place them one after the other. It will produce a fast forward video that will let viewers see the changes happening, in front of their eyes.

For example, if you live in a large city and you place a time lapse camera in front of a busy street intersection, you will see cars moving rapidly, and the colour of the sky changing from day to night. Depending on the interval of the pictures that you choose, the effect will be different as well. No doubt that a time lapse will make you a star for at least a few days, on your social media.


  • Zoom in without the Zoom


Everyone tends to take pictures from a certain distance. There is no doubt that the distancing required throughout the pandemic did not help in that regards. But to take great, original pictures, you need to move in much closer to the subject you are shooting, whether it is a person, an animal, nature or even architecture. Start from 15 cm away, and move out while looking into the objective. You will know when to stop walking backward, according to the image on your screen. Not using the zoom will make a great difference in the quality of the final picture, and you will probably take one that you wouldn’t have, if you did not try that particular technique.


  • Never use a Flash


What is a good picture, if not the shadows that live inside of it. Using a flash only destroys the beauty that lives in front of your eyes. You will never reproduce anything similar to what really exists, if you break the moment through an addition of light. Furthermore, the flash is really unflattering on anyone’s face. You can only create enemies by taking photos of them with this kind of additional light. To create atmosphere, cinematographers play with the lights, in movies. But they have the necessary material to do just that. Focus on making the most natural pictures you can, even if the light is low. It is, indeed, one way to create really original photographs.

Finally, let your emotion guide you. It is the most interesting way to discover the elements standing right in front of you, in another form. Then, try to capture this on your screen.