How to Start a Cosmetic Shop Business in Bangladesh

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By Marilyn Royce

The cosmetic industry is gradually increasing in Bangladesh. It is exploding and will dominate more in the next few years. 

Also, premium cosmetics are gaining popularity among customers. So, if you are planning on going cosmetic business, you must plan properly and know skincare product price in Bangladesh.

In this article, we will walk you through some steps so that you can develop your career in the cosmetic business.

8 Ways to Start Your Career in Cosmetics Business in Bangladesh

Here, we discuss a few steps to check before opening a cosmetic shop in Bangladesh.

Make a Business Plan

The first and foremost of any business is to make a plan with a perfect roadmap. A blueprint is mandatory for a successful business plan. You must study the cosmetic market to determine who your rivals are and what are their strength and flaws. 

There are a lot of product categories, so you need to find out which products you will sell based on market research.

Find a Shop Location

The right location determines the success of your cosmetic business. First, decide whether to rent a store or buy it based on your budget. Then, find a busy area that customers can easily access there.

Do you want to take your shop inside a mall or beside any street area? If you place your shop beside the street area, make sure you place it parallel to the shopping mall, beauty salons, and offices.

And the most important thing is to clean your place and have a garage area where customers can park.

Hunt Your Suppliers

Make a list of skincare, makeup, and personal hygiene products. Manage the supply of your product by contacting and purchasing from the top cosmetics brands. 

You should look for a wholesale business on the market. For that, look for a vendor who has a good reputation in the market area. Then you can buy all of your products from a single vendor.

Moreover, you can search on the e-commerce website, make orders in bulk amounts, and start selling.

Build up Systems

Build an inventory where you will place all of your cosmetics products. Ensure that you maintain a cool and clean environment so your products will not get damaged.

Make separate rooms where you can place your failed delivery products, customer return products, and damaged products. It is important to set up store policies so employees can work efficiently. For that, proper training is required to keep things running smoothly.

Establish Marketing and Promotion

Who are you, and what are you selling? Let the customers know about you. Marketing can open your doors through advertisements and paid social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Moreover, you should have a well-furnished website to showcase your cosmetic products with good-quality pictures. Maintain your deliveries on time. Place your business card on top of the products.

Sometimes, you can offer discount prices so that you can sell your products often and put competition among your rivals. The more creativity you can show, the more you can show your skills. 

All of that will work if you implement your marketing plan calculatedly.    

Hire Employees

To make your cosmetic business successful, ensure you have friendly, reliable employees to make your cosmetic business successful. For that, you need to hire employees. 

You have to train your employees well so that they can convince your customers to buy your products. They must talk with the customers in a friendly, conversational way. 

Invest in them, and they will deliver you good service. 

Test Your Products

Human skin is sensitive. If customers apply bad cream or lotion, it will affect their skin and cause serious damage. As a result, you must be very careful about the authenticity and quality of your products.

Test your skincare products. You should deliver quality cosmetic products and earn customers’ trust. Then, they will buy your products more often and will refer to others for buying.

Get Reviews and Opinions

Are customers satisfied with your products? Do you enjoy using it? You will get those answers through customer reviews and comments.

You can also make your quality products improved by knowing their honest reviews. You can put star marks beside your products to know if they are good or bad.


The demand for cosmetics in Bangladesh will not fall so quickly. If you feel confident, convinced, and have enough budget to establish your business, go and work on it. Focus on the topics discussed above, and you will get a complete idea of them.