How to scan barcodes with your handheld PDA

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You probably know that barcodes and QR codes are used in many different industries, including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. These symbols are also commonly found on packaging and advertising materials. You probably use them all the time to find products online.

Why use a handheld PDA for barcode scanning?

If you’re like most people, you probably use a handheld barcode scanner to scan barcodes on products and packages. But what are the benefits of using a handheld scanner? Here are three reasons:

  1. You can scan codes quickly

A handheld PDA scanner is fast compared using a computer scanner. You can scan codes quickly and easily with a handheld device.

  1. You can scan large quantities of codes

If you have to scan large quantities of codes, a handheld PDA scanner is the best solution for you. With a Android handheld barcode scanner, you can scan codes quickly and easily without having to waste time waiting for the computer to finish scanning the code.

  1. You can use your handheld device in low-light conditions

If you have to scan codes in low-light conditions, a handheld device is the best solution for you.

How to scan codes with a handheld PDA

To scan a barcode, first find the barcode. You can find them on packaging, printed on products, or even on the internet. If the barcode is too small to see, you can magnify it by using handheld PDA device’s zoom feature.

Once you’ve located the barcode, open the handheld barcode scanner’s camera and point it at the code. The photo will be taken and displayed on your handheld device’s screen. You will now need to position the handheld PDA device so that the camera is pointed at the code and focus it so that the barcode is in focus. Once you’ve done this, tap the screen once to take the photo.


Scanning barcodes can be a great way to save time when you’re tracking inventory. It can be helpful to do accurately with UROVO handheld PDA.