How to Say Good-Bye to a House

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that have been made within the four walls, sometimes it’s hard to picture moving to a new home.

If you’re going through the process of packing up and moving elsewhere, we’ve listed a few suggestions on how to make the goodbye a little less difficult.

Take Pictures

You can never have too many pictures, especially when it comes to looking back at past times. Gather any pictures that have been taken within the home and place them in a special keepsake box that you will always have to cherish.

Before you pack to move into your new home, go around to each room and try taking pictures of areas you have fond memories in. Like the wall where all of your children’s heights have been marked for the past 15 years or the fireplace where all of your Christmas stockings would be hung during the holidays.

Throw a Going Away Party

Leaving a home is difficult as not only are you saying goodbye to the memories that were made there but also to the people you made them with. Before heading to your new home, be sure to have a going away party with all of your neighbors and friends you have met along the way.

Talking about the memories you have made with them and sharing contact information will help you stay connected. Don’t forget, you can always come back and visit.

Take a Piece of It With You

While you can’t take the house with you, you can take something meaningful. Wherever your most cherished memories are in the house, try to take a piece of it with you. For example, if you have a favorite tree or flower in your backyard, transfer it to your new home and replant it.

Finding special mementos to take along with you during your journeys are something you can always hold near and dear to your heart. No matter where you are.

Say Goodbye

When the day comes and it’s finally time to move out, take one last house tour with your family. Go room to room telling stories about your favorite times spent within those four walls. You’ll find yourself filled with laughter and happy memories as one last farewell to your house takes place.

Last but certainly not least, take one more picture. Outside on the front steps with your entire family side by side for a keepsake that all of you can look back on remembering all of the days spent at this home.

Make Room for New Memories

After you are finally moved in and settled into your new home, it’s time to start making new memories. So hold on to the times you’ve had at your last home but start enjoying the new memories to be made in this next chapter of your life.

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