How to Reset a Netgear range extender at home for free?

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Resetting a Netgear wifi range extender is an easy task to perform as a frequent user. But if you are doing it for the first time, this article is for you, in this mentioned information you will get to know about following terms:

  1.  How to reset a new Netgear range extender?

2.  How to troubleshoot Netgear low-range extenders?

3.  Where to place a Netgear range extender after installation?

4.  And a perfect way to experience better quality internet from your router.

Netgear range extenders are the devices that are used to extend the network coverage of any router. These devices can extend the network coverage upto 2500 feet. Now, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get straight to the information. 

Perform a Factory reset on the Netgear wifi range extender  

Follow the below-mentioned points carefully, without skipping any step. 

  • Plug your range extender in any electrical outlet and turn it on. 
  • Now look for the reset hole that is placed somewhere on your Netgear range extender device. 
  • Take a pointed object like a toothpick or a paperclip. 
  • Press and hold the reset hole with the help of a pointed object for almost 30 seconds straight, and then release it.
  • Look for the LED light indicator. If it starts blinking rapidly, leave your extender for a matter of time. 
  • Factory reset will take a few minutes to complete. 
  • Once done, set up your Netgear wifi range extender again with the help of the mywifiext net portal, and you will get successful in error-free installation for sure.
  • Netgear range extender factory reset is now complete. 

Troubleshoot your Netgear extender if facing low network issues 

Here are a few steps through which you can troubleshoot your extender device’s most basic problems. 

  • Keep your extender near your existing router while performing the setup portal because it is important for your extender device to get proper internet connections. 
  • Check the electricity socket before you plug your extender device in it. 
  • Also, make sure that all the cables you are using are not damaged (ethernet wires)
  • Ensure that you are entering the web address in the address bar, not in the search bar. 
  • Try to use the IP address ( if you don’t get automatically redirected to the netgear extender setup portal. 
  • Follow the instructions carefully without skipping any step. 
  • Here we are mentioning the Perfect location for your Netgear wifi range extender device after the installation is complete. 

We did advise you to place your extender halfway to your existing router and the place with the zero network range. Your existing router needs to provide a good network range for the extender device to work. You can also use the Netgear genie app to check the range meter for both of your devices. Try to keep your extender device in the middle of your workplace or home.    

  • Now it’s time to tell you some important tips and tricks so that you can experience the better quality of your extender device and your router. 

Follow the below-mentioned tips to experience premium quality internet speed. 

  • The first thing to keep in mind is your room corners, don’t ever place your extender device or your router in the room corners because most internet networks will get wasted.
  • Concrete walls are the other reasons that block your internet network. 
  • Keep your extender device and router away from electronic gadgets like microwave ovens, baby monitors, refrigerators, or radio frequencies as they interfere with the signals that cause low or no network issues. 


If you have any other issues regarding or any Netgear wifi range extender, let us know, and we will try to assist you with the best information available ASAP. 

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