How To Recognize And Avoid The Spam Links

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Since the beginning of online marketing and the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website owners have been rushing to find their sites ranked on the first pages of search engines. This desire to rank higher and get a user-friendly rating has led to the growth, implementation and abuse of many SEO strategies.

One way site owners used to measure traffic was traffic and driving links to their sites. The rush for advertisers to find a better position has led them to misuse or misuse links and, in the end, tools that were once well-intentioned have become problematic.

One of the side effects of these link building methods is to reduce the traffic they were originally designed to do and to rank low on similar search engines. The reason for the decline in traffic is that search engines now suspect those links and treat them as spam.

So this article tries to explore the four types of spam link you need to avoid in order to stay safe in the eyes of search engines and your online visitors.

Profile Spam

Even though you may not be in trouble with search engines over such links, you need to be careful. The reason for the caution here is that you could get into trouble with readers and damage your reputation if your anchor profile and name do not match your site name. So you need to purify the sites before creating your profile and uploading profile images to image submission sites.

Post spam with comments

Comment spam is another form of spam communication that you need to avoid especially if you are a blogger. Such links are one of the ways in which some bloggers who do not have unused filters are used to sugar old and unread blogs with the intention of making them look new. Although this method is very old in the Internet, it is still a common practice today. Make sure you check it out

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Footer links

These types of links have been a hot cake in the early days of the online revolution but not for long. However, Google’s recent Penguin update means that these links, even with good intentions, can damage your site because Google can’t distinguish between a real footer and a spam link. Sometimes owner of the websites embeds youtube videos to the end of their article and this is the best practice to motivate your clients to download youtube videos that really express your ways. But make sure to check them carefully and avoid spam videos links.

Link Farms

The last type of spam link you need to avoid is linking farms where people want to find links or link to unrelated sites or poor quality sites in order to increase online visibility. If you need links, find them on relevant and top sites.