How to promote your business on TikTok

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Today we will analyze how to use and understand the algorithms for a relatively new advertising platform. Let’s look at the specifics of advertising on the site and how you can promote your channel without the need to constantly buy TikTok followers.

How is TikTok different from other platforms?

Each platform has its own personal pattern. A pattern refers to the style of content, communication, behavior, trends, and other patterns. It is also worth considering the changes that cover all platforms (for example, earlier all the power on Instagram was built on a beautiful photo and longread, then Stories and IGTV appeared).

But how exactly is this platform different from others? The following can be highlighted:

  1. Content style: a very fast video that contains a maximum of information. Most often, this is a friendly narrative note, which is different from the ideal blogging one. People begin to distinguish between hypocrisy and sincerity.
  2. Presentation style: this is a thoughtful editing, getting into words and roles, a play of images and a minimum of unnecessary graphics. Even if masks are used, it is only to show it or use it in a scene. People begin to appreciate the idea, not the filters.
  3. Trends: here they appear much faster, but also quickly disappear (14 days). But even if the user sees the same trend 5 times a day, it will not annoy him. Most often, bloggers here use trends with adaptation to their idea or style. People understand what plagiarism is and what is adaptability. If you don’t put in the effort, people will leave you and all you have to do is buy followers on TikTok.

This is only a small part of what should be considered when entering a business on this site. A small recommendation, it is better to spend time on this social network before compiling a content plan or writing an advertising video in order to understand the audience.

What will it give? Understanding how not to get out of the user’s feed, so as not to anger him.

To get started, you need to:

  • briefing on the target audience;
  • selection of TOP products for promotion;
  • elaboration of the general concept and wishes.

It seems that the task could not be easier, but because of the great competition, past campaigns and social networks simply burned out. Therefore, it is worth taking on the development of a marketing strategy that includes competitor analysis (how they manage their account), parsing ads, monitoring trends and formats that are currently gaining the most views.

After the analysis, you need to start writing scripts. The script for TikTok differs from other advertising formats in that it must be native and filmed according to the general style of the feed. Such a video will not scare away the user, but on the contrary, it will involve them in viewing with a higher probability of a targeted action.


TikTok is a new opportunity to show your brand using responsive creative. It doesn’t always have to be a funny or trendy video, but knowing the specifics of the audience is a must-have for you. Thus, a new source is opened for you, which, with the appropriate product, will give results.