How To Maintain Streaks On Wordle Today?

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Wordle is an online puzzle to solve where have to guess a simple five-letter word in six attempts. Have you found today’s wordle

Wordle today has taken the globe by storm. The more it becoming common these days, the more people are thinking about their streaks. Well, Why not? it feels Awesome when you’re streak is higher than all of your friends. You can show off about wordle word today.

If you manage to maintain a streak. This shows others how intelligent you are to guess the wordle today. So, Today we have some simple rules and guides that can be worth, it if you want to maintain a streak. So read on to find the answers.  


1. A Great Start:

It’s a general rule, if get a great start then you can get a great end. So always try to start great. Like seriously, If you didn’t provide a strong word in the first and second attempt, things will get hard. So try finding a word that has more common letters.  It will help you to find what is the wordle word today

Many pros player suggest starting with strong vowel words. This can help to identify more yellow letters. You can make a start from heavy vowel words like AUDIO, OUIJA, or LOUIE. Also, consider some more common consonants. like R, T, or J.

Using such words will provide you with more yellow letters. For many players, one green and 2 yellow letters can increase your strategy of winning up to fifty percent.

So for our tip number one, try to make a good start and get today’s wordle word answer. 

2. Stop Playing Hard Mode.

If you are not great at guessing words. So better not to try the hard mode. Try to stick with the normal mode. This will benefit both your streak and your skills.

For the most part, the hard mode can be very annoying. It’s more of the annoying mode. As for the wordle game, luck is an important factor to win any game. But in hard mode, Luck will not be favoring you in any case. So there’s more chance to lose your streak, and it feels very depressing. You will not guess wordle word today easily here. This mode offers difficulty in finding wordle answer today.

First, try to get the hang of normal mode, then you should go for the hard mode. There is no need to play on hard mode if are a newbie. You will lose your streak.

3. Practice on Clones:

As an old saying, Practise make man perfect. So better give yourself a trial by playing clones. Well, there are a lot of clones that deliver the same amount of fun. You can try them too.

Although NTY has enabled the archives to play on. But you can play some alternatives to become more of an expert.

There are a lot of clones and alternatives out there, we have gathered only those which are the best. Some of the best alternatives are:

  • Hurdle (Free).
  • Carole (Free).
  • Squabble (Free).
  • Waffle (Free).
  • Octordle (Free).

All these are free-to-play and available on their respective sites. As a committed fan, I have tried all of them and enjoyed each of them. All carry the same principle of wordle So this will benefit you to get wordle today answer.

3. Cheating.

So you can cheat on Wordle to find the answer. This can help you to know what is today’s wordle. But this is not the best option to maintain a streak, however, it can be helpful many times.

You have a couple of options for cheating in this game. Some of them include:

  • 1. Searching on google
  • 2. Trying multiple times on Incognito mode


Trying all of these techniques increases your chances of winning. These tips will let you know what is wordle word today. Use it make maintain your streak. Try to find what is today wordle by yourself.

Hope you find this article interesting