How to Increase Gaming Laptop Battery Life

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You’re probably concerned about your gaming device’s battery because it hasn’t served you well in a long time. As a result, you’re searching for new ways to extend your life. Continually surfing the internet in search of a remedy. This article is for you if you want to extend the life of your battery. So, how can you get the life of a gaming laptop’s battery to last longer?

Perhaps if designers attempt to emphasize your difficulties a bit more, you will be more confident in their comprehension. They’ll be more aware of your condition at the same moment. Below, you will see the highlights of your issues and their solutions.

  1. You recently acquired gaming laptop’s battery is rapidly depleting.
  2. Your gaming device’s battery life is dwindling rapidly.
  3. You can’t spend too much time playing if the chapel isn’t nearby.
  4. You nearly forgot to bring the charger.
  5. Your gaming laptop is becoming heated since it is continually charging.

These are some of the issues that have faced you for quite some time. Remember, advanced features are introduced every day and your laptop may be quite old to be familiar with those features. Then you must go to find the excellent gaming laptop under 700, but if you have the guts to try some hacks, then you should.

Now moving towards the article to find out the solution to these problems, 

How to increase gaming laptop battery life

The shortening of gaming laptop battery life is a major issue. This is an unanticipated challenge for any player. This sort of issue makes it difficult to concentrate on gaming and causes a lot of tension. How can gaming laptops’ battery lives be extended?

 Disable the backlight on your keyboard:

Gaming laptops with a backlit keypad can be utilized in low-light situations. Certain keys on certain keyboards can be assigned custom colors. Your gaming laptop’s battery life will get better as you switch it off more. Backlighting on the keypad is useful for gamers, but it puts a strain on the device’s battery.

While applying the hack will not guarantee 100% results, it will greatly enhance the battery performance of your gaming machine. To shut off this keyboard backlighting, make sure to check out some YouTube tutorials.

You can configure these keyboards so that the backlit keys turn off when the battery is charging and turn back on when the laptop is connected.

Lowering the display’s brightness:

A gaming laptop’s battery performance decreases as the screen brightness increases. By hitting the brightness key while holding the function key (Fn) on your laptop, you may lower the screen’s brightness. A brightness key with a brightness indicator may be found on almost every laptop. Many gaming laptops don’t require you to hold down the Fn key; you can just push up or down to boost or reduce the intensity.

If you’re using an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7, you’ll need to hit the Windows button + the ‘X’ key to bring up a pop-up box. You may also do it this way. To get started, go to Start> Settings> System> Display. Then, using your cursor, change the brightness by moving the slider left or right.

Unplug any peripherals that are attached to the ports:

On gaming laptops, USB ports are available for connecting keyboards, earphones, loudspeakers, external hard drives, and other peripherals. These would run on your power if you didn’t plug them in, posing a danger to the battery. When using batteries, you should keep the number of devices attached to your laptop to a minimum. If at all feasible, no more devices should be connected.

Hibernation mode is preferable to sleep mode:

If you set your laptop to sleep after you’ve finished playing, it switches to a low-power mode. In this instance, the RAM maintains the system’s present state with a tiny charge.

This approach demonstrates how your gaming laptop comes back to life so rapidly and how all programs and applications reboot while it is running before going into standby mode.

The laptop is perceived to function a bit differently in hibernation mode than it is in sleep mode. It stores the present state of your system in a document on the hard disc of your laptop. When you start the system, the stored data is downloaded from the hard drive and restored to the main memory (RAM).

Although this method takes longer than sleep mode, it is important to remember that there is significantly less energy loss because the RAM is not kept on standby.

As a result, if you’re concerned about battery life, you should consider all of these factors. In this scenario, instead of sleeping, you should put your laptop into hibernation mode to save energy.


Anticipating much from a gaming device’s battery isn’t as useful as anticipating it from a standard laptop’s battery. You may enhance the battery capacity of gaming laptops by following the aforementioned guidelines. Makers of gaming laptops have yet to achieve that level of battery capacity. They are, however, continually working on this problem.