How To Find Good Apartment Moving Companies

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Living in an apartment, I thought that I did not have a lot of stuff, and I could easily move it to the new apartment in my friend’s car (Yes, I don’t have a house either). But, when I started to take things out of the cupboard I hadn’t opened in half a year, it became evident that this was not a one-car job. Moreover, you cannot squish everything inside the car, like my Table Tennis table (Yes, I was rich once). Therefore, I had to admit that I needed the services of a cheap moving company.

This article discusses how to find good apartment moving companies for you, but first, we shall define the criteria of a good apartment moving company. The following are the things that we will look to judge our potential candidates:

  1. Registered or not: It should be fairly obvious that getting into a contractual agreement with an unregistered moving company is not the way to go. Never contact unregistered moving companies because when you’re standing in front of your new apartment waiting for a truck that is off-the-radar or flipped over someplace, you would be at rock bottom. Not a good feeling. Pay a little bit more, and get a moving company that is registered with the proper authorities.
  2. Insurance: Look for companies that are known to process insurance claims in a positive manner. You don’t want to mess around with moving companies that are not giving you insurance. Why? Because, again, when you are seeing the movers unload your now broken belongings from the truck, and you can’t do anything about it, it is painful. Get into contact with reliable moving companies, who have years of experience in the industry, and will honor their insurance claims.
  3. Ratings and Reviews: Google and Yelp have made our lives easier by giving us a platform to funnel all the reviews and comments everyone has ever made on every company ever. They further ease your life by compiling the review and ratings into one number between 1 and 5. A word of caution before you go about sorting the moving companies by star rating: It is easy to maintain a high rating if you’ve only had a small number of customers. It is tough to maintain a high rating when your reviews are in the hundreds. So you should always look for moving companies with a rating of 4 or higher and only contact those companies with more than 200-250 reviews.

There is more than one way of finding good apartment movers, however. You could also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Try to ask those people whom you know will want the best for you. Try not to discuss this matter with everyone because many people will give the wrong advice to you. Therefore, be vigilant when asking for an opinion. It is common knowledge that you and I tend to value negative reviews more than positive reviews, and it should be this way.

All in all, you should find a credible mover for your next move. One that is registered with the proper authorities and offers a comprehensive insurance policy. If you’re around Las Vegas, I would recommend that you contact Move 4 less Nevada because it is the only moving company with a rating of 4.5 despite having more than a thousand reviews. But I will recommend that you contact at least 3 good moving companies to get the best deal for you. I hope this article helps you find the best company for your apartment move. Safe Travels!