How To Enter The Deep Web Safely

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Browsing the internet is a daily activity for almost everyone today, from the most basic level, through those who generate income with this tool to people who are really experts in this system.

Generally, average people check their social networks, chat with friends and family, search for important news or some information according to their interests, among other activities.

But today we will be showing you an aspect that goes beyond what is superficially known, it is the Deep Web. If you do not know it, pay attention to this section so that you find out everything you need to be able to enter safely.

This term translates as “deep internet”, this is because information is indexed that is not in other search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, which are the most used today.

In itself, the Deep Web is an invisible internet, as it is also called, in which you will find information that is not found in other search engines. It is used above all for private pages, databases or simply common pages that do not want to be indexed in popular search engines.

Difference between deep web, dark web and darknet

There are other terms that you will hear when talking about the Deep Web, among them are: Dark Web and Darknet. Here we show you the differences between these so you can get to know them in depth.

On the Deep Web you can find any page that is not indexed.

On the other hand, to access the dark web links, specific software or configurations are needed, since it deals with illegal or criminal content. This moves parallel to the internet that we all know.

Instead, the Darknet refers to each of the search engines where you can find Dark Web pages. This means that it handles information that is explicitly illegal or that can be the subject of a crime.

Myths about the deep web

The most frequent thing is that with conventional search engines you can know everything that exists on a specific topic on the web, therefore, when talking about the Deep Web, many things are often thought that are out of place with the true information.

It has already been said before that it is only a part of the internet in which different search engines are used, where you will get pages that are not indexed in popular search engines.

For this reason, the main myth of the Deep Web is to believe that you can find data that has not been brought to light or secrets of a great nature, when this is not really the case; it is just a way to access pages that have a different configuration by several reasons.

Another myth is that the deep web is considered to be smaller than the surface internet and the truth is that in recent studies it has been determined that it is 400 or 550 times larger.

Why is it hidden?

The reason it is hidden is because of the type of domain it uses, which is with the onion extension. They are encoded with a HASH frame; they are not registered by a DNS server.

So, the deep web does not use a UDP/IP protocol to identify web pages, but rather through a branch.

Ways To Enter The Deep Web

To know how you can enter the Deep Web, you must take into account the following search engines and their characteristics. The important thing in this case is that you mainly have a conventional browser and in this way manage to download the browsers that we mention below.

Tor browser

This type of browser works for both surface internet and deep web, it is considered one of the simplest that can be used.


It is a better known one, due to the same characteristic of the previous one, and that is that you can access indexed pages and those that are not.

Internet project

This type of browser is quite common for students; it is enough to obtain it to be able to access endless research articles.

Subgraph OS

Now, in the case of those who have preferences for surveillance systems and interference from sophisticated adversaries on the Internet, this is the recommended browser.


With Whonix, the privacy, security and anonymity of a lot of information that you can upload and find on the deep web is guaranteed.

How to search the deep web?

The first thing you should know is that it doesn’t work the same as conventional search engines that work with HTML forms. In this case, you must access a database that uses the deep web and the systems that are responsible for finding resources not linked to the surface internet.

You must take any of the links from the deep web, copy it and paste it into the browser that has been installed for this specific information. It is important to note that many times these links can be modified with the intention of providing security.

What sites can I visit?

The safest thing is that when we access the deep web we already have a site in mind or at least the topic that we want to have on hand, for this we must have the link, but it is also important to mention the safe sites that can be visited.

  • Hidden Wiki
  • Onion List
  • Duck Duck Go
  • Torch
  • Not Evil
  • Tor Metrics
  • Proton Mail
  • Tor Box
  • Facebook
  • Deep Web Radio
  • Chan Onion
  • Hidden Answers


It will ask you if there is any danger when accessing the deep web and the truth is that everything will be in the hands of whoever handles the information. You will get great information that you cannot access with surface internet.

Just as the information will be new to you, the malware will also be new to you and you must be very careful that your computer is not infected by some malicious link, remember that this is not the same as the Internet that we know on a daily basis.

In addition, it is possible that you could come into contact with people who are involved in criminal or illegal acts, so be careful who you talk to. Especially for the content you can find that may not be the friendliest.