How to Eat Healthy at Red Lobster

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Yes, you can eat healthy at Red Lobster. It’s true that most of the items here are high in sodium, so it’s not a place for those with hypertension issues. But you can minimize the damage with the right menu orders, so you’re not limited to salads at Red Lobster

  1. Cup of Manhattan Clam Chowder

This is relatively safe when it comes to calorie and fat content, with just 160 calories and 2g of saturated fat (5g total fat). Yes, it’s quite salty, but then again, all the soups at Red Lobster are laden with sodium. Just drink plenty of water with the soup. 

  1. Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

Yes, it’s both tasty and healthy as well. Comparatively speaking, though, these stuffed mushrooms are the best among the starters simply because the other options are much worse for your diet. It only has 390 calories, 12g of saturated fat, and 1,080mg of sodium. 

You also get veggies with the option, plus you also have 30g of protein. 

  1. Wood-Grilled Shrimp

Even though this is brushed with a butter glaze, it only comes with 2g of saturated fat. It’s true that with the 1,510mg of sodium, this isn’t optimal for people with hypertension issues. But at least it only comes with 320 calories, plus 25g of protein. 

  1. Tuna Poke 

If you’re picking from the tasting plate options, the tuan poke is your best bet. With this you get 24g of protein, but only 250 calories and half a gram of saturated fat. And while the 620mg of sodium isn’t really anything to brag about, this is much lower sodium content compared to many of the other items in the menu. 

Had you gone with the Dragon Broccoli, you’d have to deal with 1,620mg of sodium. 

  1. 1¼-pound Steamed Live Maine Lobster

Lots of people enjoy lobster, and many order this simply because it’s in the brand name. And when it comes to your health, it’s not that bad at all. That’s true even considering the rather high 21g of saturated fat in it. 

You won’t have to feel too guilty about your diet, since this order of lobster only comes with 440 calories. What’s more, the sodium content is astoundingly low at merely 290mg. And you still get 33g of protein. 

Get this along with veggies and whole grains for your sides, and you’re good to go. You’ll need a few carbs to balance things out, since the lobster doesn’t come with any carbohydrates at all. 

  1. Half Order of Crab Linguini Alfredo

Yes, at first glance, this doesn’t look all that healthy. All that cheese sauce doesn’t look promising. But when you get half an order, you limit the calorie content to only 610 calories. That may be a bit high, but in the Crab and Seafood Bakes section, the other choices are much worse. 

Again, the sodium content is problematic at 1,360mg, but the other choices are even saltier. The same goes with the 11g of saturated fat here. You have more of that with the other options. At least you still get 30g of protein. 

  1. Half Canadian Walleye Fried

Yes, it’s fried. But for fried food, the 550 calories aren’t all that bad. You also get only 800mg of sodium and 5g of saturated fat to go with the 22g of protein. 

Of course, you can make it even healthier by not having it fried. Ask if it’s possible to have this boiled or blackened instead. 

  1. Maple-Glazed Chicken Dinner

If for some reason you’re at Red Lobster while you’re not in the mood for seafood, try this balanced low-fat meal. You only get 7g of total fat (with 1.5g of saturated fat) and 490 calories to go with the whopping 52g of protein. 

Yes, it may not be good for your blood pressure as it comes with 1,530mg of sodium. If you have hypertension, then just ignore this suggestion. 

  1. Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken-Shrimp Skewer

Try this for lunch, as you get 340g of protein with just 340 calories and 1.5g of saturated fat. Yes, it comes with 1,270mg of sodium, but that’s average for Red Lobster. Just get a healthy side dish so you won’t feel sleepy and tired after lunch.  

  1. Sailor’s Platter

Share it with friends, so that you only end up with 450 calories and 2.5g of saturated fat while you also take in 48g of protein. Those with hypertension should go with another option, however, as this comes with 1,740mg of sodium. 

Final Words

Yes, the sodium content will always be a problem at Red Lobster. But if you’re only worried about calorie intake, then you actually have lots of good options to pick from here!