How to Cross Out Discord?

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If you are having trouble with how to cross out discord, then read this article. This will help you learn how to remove unwanted content from your messages. This article will show you how to use the visual editor to find similar images on other websites. After you have found a similar image, you can paste the text into the new window. Now, you can easily cross out the message. You will notice that you have now successfully removed unwanted content.

Highlight All Text

In order to cross out discord, you need to highlight all the text. To do this, you must press the ‘S’ key on your keyboard. You should now see a small black bar at the bottom of the highlighted text. You should then strikethrough the text. This step is easy to do, but it is not always clear to new users. If you have some trouble formatting the text, you can also use the ‘-‘ sign.

After you have typed the text, click on the “x” icon. A blue line will appear. Now, you can type the text and hit Enter. If you want to insert another text, you can also press the ‘-‘ sign. Then, click ”. This will delete the message. Once you have entered the desired text, click on the ‘X’ button. This will remove the text.

‘-‘ Symbol

Once you’ve finished typing your text, you can select the ‘-‘ symbol to erase it. This will remove the word from your message. After you’ve done this, click the ‘-‘ sign. This will make the text disappear from your messages. After that, you can paste the text again. This will make it disappear. After you’ve sent the message, you can also add a double tilde. The double tilde will remove the text from the other person’s view.

Then, you can write your text and quote it. The ‘-‘ sign will remove the message. You can then type the message and hit return to finish the text. After typing the message, you can now cross out the message. You can type the HTML codes by hitting the ‘-‘ key. Then, paste the HTML code into the conversation box. You can also use the ‘-‘ symbol to change the color of the text.

Double Character

You can use the double ‘-‘ character to strikethrough text. The italicizing text uses the ‘-‘ symbol. For example, you can put a ‘-‘ sign to highlight text. To make bold text appear, place a ‘-‘ symbol before and after the word. If you’d like to create it in italicized text, use ‘-‘. To italicize the message, you can add the ‘-‘ sign before and after the text. ‘-‘.

The way of how to cross out discord depends on the user’s preference. If you’re using the desktop application, you can hit the ‘-‘ key to mark the text. If you want to use the mobile version, use the ‘-‘ key. In the case of the desktop application, you can press the ‘-‘ key to strikethrough. However, you must be careful with the ‘-‘ key.

Formate Text in Discord

There are several ways to format text in discord. One of the most common ways to do it is to use ‘-‘. The asterisk key is the best way to use the asterisk symbol to mark the text. Similarly, a ”” can be used to make bolded text appear on a mobile device. You can also add an ‘-” symbol if you want to strikethrough the text on a web browser.

The ‘-‘ command is used to strikethrough text in discord. You can use the ‘-‘ command to highlight the text in the discord chat. The ‘-‘ key will enable you to use the ‘-‘ feature when you need to ‘cross out’ a particular section of text. This ‘-” command is another way to highlight a text in a Discord channel.


There are also several ways to highlight text in Discord. First, you can use the ‘-‘ character to make it bold. ‘-‘ is a symbol that means ”. For example, ‘-‘ is the ”’ sign”. The ‘-‘ character” symbol is a special key that will make it easier to distinguish the different sections of text. This feature is only available for certain types of text.

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