How to create long lasting healthy habits

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There is nobody on this earth who doesn’t wish to get fit or improve their productivity or become more self-aware and positive. However, to attain these comes with a price. This price is only paid by the extremely determined ones. Why? Only because, you will have to give up on your comfort zone to achieve a fit body and mind.

Many of us are used to having that comfort food and lazing around lifestyle so much so that getting out of such life becomes impossible. Always remember, you need to lose something to gain the other. Here are some tips to help you stay on right track while going through the hard path.

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Baby steps

No person with 6 pack abs gained it overnight. It takes patience, hard work and determination. When you decide on what your health goals are, start with simpler ones. Like, if you wish to run a marathon in another 5 months, then start will a simple jog around the block.

Once your body gets used to the physical exercise, extend the distance by another kilometer or a mile. This is how you slowly build a healthy habit. However, you also need to ensure the interest continues for a long time.

Build your habits

Before building any habits, we should create it with a conscious effort. It is quite common for everyone to stack their habits in a wrong way. When we start wrong, everything goes haywire. For example, many wastes their whole year assuming to start the new year with a new resolution that will change their lives entirely. This happens only in the movies and not in real life!

Focus on simpler things like, how you begin your day or how you end it. Save five minutes in the morning for meditation instead of lazing on bed. Scrolling around the house is better way to inculcate a new habit than scrolling on the phone.

Perform everyday

The word habit means a regular tendency that is hard to give up. When you perform a task every day, it eventually becomes a habit. So, creating a new one would mean that you need to motivate yourself enough to finish the task regardless of the hindrances.

It takes around 66 days to form a habit. Choose to finish the task everyday instead of alternating days. Imagine fun tasks in your head and reward/penalize yourself for finishing/not finishing the task. For example, challenge yourself to squat 10 times every time you finish a glass of water. This way you get to learn two habit in a short span.

Final thoughts

These are just a few techniques you can try to implement in your regular lifestyle. Begin with one or two habits at a time and then add on another after you’ve practiced enough. It is not wrong to seek a professional’s help if need be.

Since this is a slow and gradual process, you need to be patient with the results. Ideally, you can use any health apps to create and maintain records of your progress. It will help you gauge the performance in the long run!