How to Create Epic Instagram Content in Minutes

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By Robert

Is it possible to create engaging Instagram content within minutes? Does it have to take days to come up with a week’s worth of content? How does one consistently come up with creative content, captions, and ideas?

Well, that is what this blog post is all about! Today, we’ll learn how to create an idea bank, caption bank, Canva templates, and one-click filters for Lightroom to help you create epic Instagram content in no time.

Create an Idea Bank

Alright, here is the thing. If you want to put out engaging content on a consistent basis, you need an idea bank. But wait, what do we mean by an idea bank?

An idea bank is simply a collection of ideas, topics, and content that you can use for your next Instagram post. It could be anything from an inspiring post you found on Instagram, an idea that just came to you while you were browsing the internet, or even a meme or GIF. Having this idea bank will help keep your Instagram feed interesting and varied.

Next time you’re scrolling on Instagram or TikTok and you come across something you really like, add it to your idea bank. Found a really cool YouTube short video? Add it to your bank! Laughed out loud at a meme? Add it to your bank! So, what is the easiest way to store ideas, you ask?

Pinterest, of course! Pinterest is a great way to curate your idea bank. Bookmark your ideas on a secret board on Pinterest to save them all in one place.

Create a Caption Bank

You probably know what we mean by a caption bank. Anytime you come across a creative and engaging caption, add it to your bank. Found a quote that moved you? Add it to your bank! You get the idea.

Explore sites like Famium and Pinterest to find cool caption ideas, and save them to your bank. What’s the best way to organize caption ideas you ask? Well, Evernote of course! Evernote is a great tool for storing notes (captions in our case), organizing them by tags, and more!

And, well – with a caption bank ready, you’ll never run out of ideas to write captions for your Instagram posts.

Create Canva Templates

Whether you’re a business with a set of brand guidelines or you have a personal page, templates can help you create quick and easy posts on Instagram.

What do we mean by templates? Well, if you’re a theme page, you probably use a certain ‘design’ for your quotes, stories, feed images, and more. If you’re a business, then you definitely have a set of colors and typefaces that you use for your posts. Even for personal profiles, you probably have a certain way of doing things on Instagram, and that’s what templates are for!

What’s the best way to create templates? Canva! Canva is an online design tool that is super easy to learn and, well, it’s perfect for Instagram!

Create One-Click Filters in Lightroom

How do you make your feed look aesthetic and pleasant? Well, one of the first things you need to do is, to have consistency. And, how do we stay consistent with the feel and vibe of our posts? Filters!

Filters are a great way to give your posts a consistent look and feel. Lightroom by Adobe is the primary choice of most bloggers when it comes to filters. And the best part? You can save a set of editing actions as a filter template!

The next time you want to process your photo, with just one click, your filter is applied! And just like that, you’ve cracked Kim Kardashian’s Instagram grid strategy!

Final Words

Creating content for your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be a tedious task. With an idea bank, caption bank, Canva templates, and one-click filters in Lightroom you can create epic content quickly and easily.

So go ahead, start working on setting up these tools and make the most of them! It’s time to start creating content that stands out and helps you reach your goals! Good luck!

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