How to choose the right heat gun?

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A digital heat gun, or more commonly a heat gun, delivers a jet of hot air to a specific point or surface. They can reach very high temperatures and are used, among other things, to strip paint, heat-shrink ducts, defrost pipes, soften metals and plastics or weld different materials together. They can also be combined with different types of interchangeable nozzles.

There are several types of digital heat guns or heat guns with different functions, and they can also be combined with different interchangeable nozzles. To choose the right one for your project, you need to consider what functions and features you need.


High-power digital heat guns combine high airflow and temperature. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently on larger areas, for example, to strip paint. Low-powered heat guns can produce high temperatures but have lower airflow, taking longer to cover the same area.


The adjustable digital heat guns can be set to several different temperature levels. This makes it easier to work with jobs and materials that require special temperatures and reduces the risk of damaging the material.


The airflow rate of a heat gun determines the amount of air blown per minute. Low airflow is often linked to low temperature. However, to ignite a grill or strip paint over a large area, you need high airflow.


The lower temperature and the higher temperature of the digital heat gun determine the application for which it can be used. It would help if you had a high-temperature hot air gun, such as welding metal pipes or soldering. Defrosting pipes and removing stickers are examples of tasks that only require a low-temperature setting.

How to choose the right nozzles for digital heat guns?

With the help of our various interchangeable nozzles, it is possible to guide and control the airflow of the heat gun in different ways. Rapid offers several types of nozzles.

Reduction nozzle

Reducing nozzle reduces air diffusion to achieve a directed, focused, and precise heat flow, which is suitable for stripping paint in tight corners or places, light soldering of copper pipes or brazed parts, and desoldering electronic components. Available in different widths: 9mm, 14mm, and 20mm.

Glass protection nozzle

The glass protection nozzle directs the airflow to prevent overheating and shattering. Ideal for removing paints and glues from window frames. Available in different widths: 50mm and 75mm.

Wide nozzle or flat nozzle

The wide nozzle or flat nozzle has a wide slit that diffuses the airflow over a larger area. It is suitable for stripping paints and glues, repairing bitumen roofing felts, or waxing skis. Available in different widths: 45mm and 75mm.

Reflector nozzle

The reflector nozzle is designed so that hot air surrounds the material. Allows a uniform hot air flow all around it. It is used, for example, to reduce heat-shrink sleeves or to form/shape PVC pipes. Available separately or as a set with heat-shrink sleeves.

Application areas

Heat guns are used in many projects ranging from remodeling old furniture, repairing car bumpers, defrosting water pipes to more advanced applications like repairing electrical wiring systems, car wrapping, or low-temperature welding.


Defrosting pipes with a hot air gun

To thaw a water pipe quickly, favor a high airflow and a low temperature.


A digital heat gun is used in desoldering accessories. Desolder electronics using a hot air gun

Desolder the electronic components by carefully heating the solder point until the tin softens.

Sharpen skis

Preparing ski wax with a hot air gun

A quick way to apply wax to ski soles.

To fold

Bending plastic pipes using a hot air gun.

Shape and bend plastic, copper tubing, plates, and pipes. Tubes and pipes should be pre-filled with sand.

Stripping paint

Removing paint from a door using a hot air gun

Almost all oil varnishes, paints, and solvents applied to wood can be safely removed using a digital heat gun. Rapid provides a wide nozzle for large areas.

Heat-shrinkable sleeve

Using a hot air gun to work with shrink tubing

Repair your telephone cable or secure the cable connections together. The sleeves retract up to 50% and provide additional protection. Use in combination with a reflector nozzle.

Low-temperature welding

Soft welding rubber floors using a hot air gun

Overlay plastic sheeting, bituminous materials on the roof.


Removing stickers using a hot air gun

Removing a sticker or PVC flooring becomes easy with a wide-spread nozzle.