How to choose the ideal dress according to its morphology?

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It’s hard to find THE ideal dress. It is not enough to have a crush, this one must also highlight us! What if we learned to choose the perfect dress according to our figure? It would take a hell of a thorn in our side. Three minutes flat is enough to learn to find a dress according to its morphology, whether it is round, small or cut in H.

How to determine its morphology?

You can define your morphology by looking at yourself in the mirror, quite simply. Naked or in underwear, we assess the proportions of her waist in relation to her shoulders and breasts. The different morphologies are as follows: pyramid , inverted pyramid , hourglass , “  i  ” and “  8  ” silhouette .

Which dress to choose when you’re grown up?

Dare to color! A dress that hugs the body line is ideal because it is empowering. You can put on a light neckline , more “suggested” than unveiled so as not to fall into vulgarity.

It takes a flattering cut on the hips without overly marking the hips.

Which dress to choose when you’re little?

A cut worked on the front enhances the bust. Slightly above the knee, the gg dress lengthens the silhouette and offers good proportions to the whole outfit.

Which dress to choose when you have a big bust?

It is imperative to favor clothes that are tailored. Well cut, the perfect dress has chest darts allowing the bust to sit well.

Which dress to choose when you have an athletic silhouette?

Straps that are neither too thin nor too wide will bring femininity and poetry to the outfit. You should favor dress of sobia nazir that has pleats at the waist or a belt to maximize the proportions of your figure.

Which dress to choose when you’re round?

Your back is a real asset that you may not yet suspect! Play with backless dresses, the result will be as sexy as you want.


What is THE dress that suits everyone?

The dress that suits everyone is a dancer dress , chasuble . It is also called a “three-hole” dress . It can be worn on any occasion and for all silhouettes: perfect!


Advice before buying a dress?

We start by determining its silhouette . Once identified, we recontextualize the purchase: “for what occasion should I wear my dress  ?” Is it for work, a festive outing, a romantic dinner?


We do not forget to think of suitable under garments  ! Finally, the choice of materials is decisive. A fluid material for a desire for romanticism … Do you want to impose yourself during an important meeting? Instead, choose rigid and sheathing materials.

Spring summer 2021 jeans: trendy models

This season, in the jean department, there are newbies, ghosts, shy people who offer themselves a few hours of glory. Here is a non-exhaustive list of spring summer jeans at the top of the fashion trend.

Kick flare jeans

These flared jeans, cropped at the ankles, are worn high on the waist and fitted to the thighs.

The panty skirt jeans

The midi cut has not yet said its last word. The culotte skirt is trendy. So, she invites herself into the great denim family.

Result? The jeans become culotte skirt jeans, ie wide mid-calf length jeans. Wearing the culotte skirt becomes child’s play.

Colorful jeans

This season, lilac is THE trendy color to adopt. On jeans too, we adopt this pastel shade that illuminates our wardrobe.  Some models have become essentials, they are part of  the wardrobe essential .

Flare jeans

To follow the fashion trend of the 70s , you will need flare jeans in your closet.

Either way, you won’t have excuses not to succumb to the trend since they will be everywhere. This season, flared jeans are (again) taking over.

So, are you ready to find the perfect dress?