How to Choose a Perfect Bottle of Wine

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Standing in front of wine shelves and choosing one bottle from hundreds of attractive-looking options can be intimidating. Buying wine online or from a local liquor store can be challenging, especially if you know little about wines. Some restaurants have a sommelier or certified wine specialist to help diners choose the perfect wine that can complement their meal. However, not everyone is a wine specialist, and picking one bottle from plenteous available options may take a lot of time.  Even the labels on the wine bottles don’t make the selection easier because often it seems like you need a degree to decode them. So, what to do?

When choosing wine, you need to find a bottle that provides value for money, as well as suits your taste and works well with your meal. The bottle label may mention details like where the wine came from and its alcoholic strength. However, information like grape variety or geographical origin can be useful only for wine geeks. For a common drinker, the information on the label doesn’t help in guessing what the wine might taste like. So, unless you’re a wine connoisseur, you need to find some way to get an idea of the different wine flavour profiles. Here are some tips to help you pick a good wine bottle.

Taste Preference

When looking for wine, the most important thing is to find a great wine store. The best stores have wine experts to guide their customers in choosing the right bottle. Different people have different preferences. Some prefer heavier-bodied, heartier wines, while some lean towards softer wines. For instance, a French pinot noir from Burgundy can be right for those who like earthy tones while a Riesling or a Muscat dessert wine is perfect if you like sweeter wines. Pinot noir is a great option for those who like fruity wines. Chardonnay is a popular white wine that is widely consumed wine in the United States. If you need a wine bottle for gifting or a party, go for “safe” reds and whites. The easiest thing to do is to choose champagne or sparkling wine for gifting. However, those looking for higher complexity can try California Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz.


The wine you choose should also work well with your meal. Depending on whether it’s a romantic dinner or lunch at the beach, you need to make the right choice. Also, consider whether you will be consuming white or red meat, as well as if the meal preparation will be spicy, mild, or fruity. Meal type and season play an important role in wine pairing. In simple words, white wines go well with lighter flavored meals while for heavier meals, red wines are a better choice.  Also, choose a sweeter or highly acidic wine like a French sauvignon blanc for a salty pairing. For grilled chicken and rice, you may choose cabernet sauvignon or pair red wines with heavier dishes like beef and lamb. Choosing wine entirely depends on your taste but pairing the wrong wine with food can make both the food and the wine taste worse.