How to Check FASTag Balance

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FASTag is a way to collect online toll for vehicles. So, you can save time during your journey, but you have to make sure that your FASTag has enough balance. In the event that there is not enough credit in your FASTag account, you may face trouble. There are several ways to check FASTag balance online and offline. Every process is pretty straightforward. 

Let’s discuss the ways to check FASTag balance. 

Online Methods to check FASTag balance:

Below-mentioned are the easiest several methods to check the FASTag balance online. 

Via FASTag Mobile Application:

FASTag balance can be checked in many ways. A simple one is the via FASTag mobile application. Take a look at the Google Play store and download the My FASTag app that is connected to your wallet. Login with your credentials by opening the app. After logging in, you can view your FAASTag balance conveniently. 

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Login to FASTag Portal:

If you don’t want to try the method mentioned above, don’t worry, there is another one. You can log in to your account by visiting the FASTag portal. Go to the FASTag portal, place your login details, and log in to your account. When you log in, you can check your FASTag balance and see the record of your deductions and transactions done from your account. 

FASTag balance can be checked in many ways. A simple one is the via FASTag mobile application, which you can download from Google Play store and log into with your credentials by opening up “My Fast Tag”. You’ll then have access to view all of the information about how much money is left on there as well what type of purchases are available for use! If that doesn’t work out though – don’t worry because there’s also another option: logging into www.fastsgproblems dot com/portal where it will prompt users straight away once they’ve logged in so just inputting their email address while being redirected back here at home page before finally getting some feedback regarding whether everything went smoothly during registration process or not! It’s a little bit long winded, but it does work.


Another option is to go on the official National Payment Corporation of India website where you’ll be able to click on “Service Desk” and then “FASTag Balance Enquiry”. This page has been provided for people who would like to get in touch with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) directly by calling them up at 011-6626 0000 which they will most likely explain how everything is set up inside there FASTag machine and also possibly show you exactly what an eTag looks like as well as telling you what’s available and whether all is working fine or not. If that doesn’t quite do the trick though – we