How To Cancel Trello Premium- A Guide On Subscription 

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By Madelyne

Trello is a web-based software platform that uses the Kanban list creation method. This software enables teams to collaborate more effectively on projects by making tracking team members’ workflows simpler and obtaining project resolutions more quickly. For greater efficacy, the software’s design is intuitive and user-friendly.

I’ll guide you on how to cancel Trello premium and how you can change the subscription options. 

Simple Steps On How To Cancel Trello Premium

how to cancel Trello premium
  • Go to the homepage of Trello
  • Click on the link named Subscription
  • After that, your chosen Subscription will show up
  • Select your option 
  • Fill out a form about why you are canceling the Subscription
  • Wait for a moment
  • The option will appear on your screen
  • Open cancel membership
  • Or you can contact Trello contact services if it doesn’t work.

How Do I Cancel My Trello Premium Free Trial?

Don’t fret if you cancel your Standard Subscription while evaluating Premium for free. You have access to all Premium features until the trial period expires. Your Subscription will renew automatically after the trial period is over.  

How to cancel Trello premiumDon’t worry if you don’t have a credit card. The Trello subscription will expire, and it will charge you any fees. 

Note: Trello does not offer a free trial for Standard accounts now, but you can try Premium for 14 days. The premium features include all Standard features and more. There is no need to input credit card information to activate the Premium. Please provide access to the Billing interface. To accomplish this, select Settings, as shown below.

What Happens to Your Account When Deleted?

If you cancel your Subscription, you will lose access to all premium features within your existing boards. When you cancel your Subscription, you will still have access to your boards and their content with the free version. You will still be able to use their service, but your overall user experience will be significantly reduced compared to before.

Only the ten most active and frequently used boards will be preserved if you terminate your paid Trello subscription. The remaining information will be erased, and it will be lost forever. Ensure that you manually back up any vital data before canceling your Subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Trello Gold Premium Account?

Whether you no longer require the premium features or wish to explore other options, it is straightforward to cancel Trello Gold. How to cancel Trello premium? Trello Gold is a premium subscription that enhances the platform’s capabilities and features. However, there are numerous reasons why you may wish to cancel your Trello premium membership, such as the cost of the plan or unsatisfactory results.


Some tools and software come with different requirements, so Trello does. I have explained how to cancel Trello premium in the easiest few steps, which are also quite understandable. I hope this Trello subscription guide will help and save you time in the future.