How To Borrow Money Fast (Låne Penger Raskt) & How Long Will You Wait?

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By Marilyn Royce

Borrowing money through loans has become a popular option for people looking for a quick cash influx, needing to finance certain projects they’ve started or fund some expenses that might have unexpectedly arisen. In fact, it is a popular option for anyone in need in money they don’t have, and if you’re thinking of using it, then you most likely know already what it is you want to use it for. Its purposes are various and they differ from one person to another, but it’s definitely clear that nobody takes out a loan on the spur of the moment and just because they can, because interest is paid on it, and nobody wants to incur debt if not necessary.

This is when personal loans may actually be a good idea: 

Anyway, I’ve mentioned above that people who want a quick influx of money for one reason or another resort to taking out a lån, but the question is how quick that can actually be. If you’re used to the traditional borrowing process, then you know that there’s a pretty long waiting period you’ll need to go through in order to get approved and have the money deposited to your specific account, so you’re now wondering if there’s a faster way to do it. Quick borrowing, or låne penger raskt. Does it even exist?

It appears that it does, and it’s no longer as unusual as it might have been in the past. Being used to the traditional process alone will, of course, have you a bit confused and surprised by this specific option, but you’ll surely quickly understand how it works, and what to do when aiming at getting the money as soon as possible. Knowing what to and which steps to take is important if you want to borrow the money quickly, but so is knowing precisely how long you’ll have to wait, because misrepresentations and misinterpretations regarding that can lead you to assuming a specific time-frame and then getting disappointed if things don’t happen within it. Well, I’ll answer both of those questions for you below.

How To Låne Penger Raskt?

We’ll begin with the probably more important one, but definitely most basic one. Understanding how to låne penger raskt, i.e. how to borrow money quickly, is the first step towards actually doing it, and it is a step that you can’t skip. Or, at least, you shouldn’t. If you skip it, you could wind up making certain borrowing errors that could result in you winding up with the wrong loan type, or practically with poor and unfavorable terms. None of that sounds appealing, which is why skipping the first step, that is the step of understanding how to do this, is not what you want to do.

First and foremost, understand that there is a specific type of a loan on the market, advertised as a “minute loan”, and also categorized as an unsecured one. Being unsecured, it won’t require any collateral from you, which is also why the process of getting it has been quite shortened. Is låne penger på minuttet, however, actually completed in a few minutes, or will you have to wait a bit longer, and how can you get this specific loan? While I’ll answer the latter part of the question right away, I’ll leave the former for later, explaining the waiting process clearly to you below after making sure you know how to borrow this way.

Understandably, you’ll have to begin with finding the lender you want to cooperate with, and it has to be one that offers the actual opportunity of those “minute loans”, or of borrowing money on the same day. The option could be advertised in a different way as well and called differently, but the bottom line is that you need a lender that offers this solution of getting an unsecured loan quickly. Searching for them online or perhaps getting some suggestions from the people you know will lead you towards finding at least a few lenders that provide for this option, at which point you’ll need to research them further before applying for any of their loans.

Applying without researching can result in applying for a poor quality offer and quickly regretting it after some time. As that’s not what you want to happen, you’ll definitely take some time to thoroughly check out the different lenders, their experience and reputation, as well as those specific terms of their offers, such as interest rates, repayment periods, processing fees and any other fees for that matter. Checking all of those things out will have you understand precisely which lenders can give you the best offer, leading to you getting a great deal on your loan instead of getting one that you’ll surely regret.

Applying after researching, though, is not only safe but also pretty easy. Most lenders allow you to do that online, by following a simple application procedure that will have you enter the necessary data and send it to the bank, upon which you’ll just have to wait for it to be approved. How long, though? That’s what we’ll learn next. But, first, you may also want to learn more on how to increase your chances of getting a cheap loan, i.e. one with low interest rates.

How Long Will You Have To Wait?

Often advertised as “minute loans”, these options lead people to assuming that they’ll get their money in a few minutes, which is really not the case. You can get your answer from the bank in a few minutes, mostly because the approval process is done through a software piece, that was designed to simplify the whole borrowing process and make it faster. Not getting the answer that quickly will mean that the bank will process the application manually, and that you could wait even up to 48 hours for your answer. Still not that long, is it?

Sure it isn’t. But, it also isn’t completed within minutes, as often advertised. Regardless of how quickly you’ll get the answer, there’s still the period of waiting for your loan to be processed, and that will also take more than a few minutes, meaning you won’t get your money right away. If you’re lucky enough to get your application processed first thing in the day, i.e. if you apply early on a business day and give the lender enough time to process everything, you could get your money by the end of that same day. Waiting for a day or two is, however, far more common, but even if you don’t get the money on the same day, you’ll still get it pretty quickly, which is why this option is so advantageous and so popular.