How to Apply Decorative Features on Ceilings in the Home

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Building ceilings are usually flat and are painted one color. This is normally a bright color. Decorative features can be added to the ceilings. This can be done using pastes, creams or paint. Patterns may also be incorporated for different room uses. This also allows two or more colors to be painted on the soffits. The features may be soft or hard rustic appearances. This are done usually after the base coats of paint are applied to the room soffits.

When choosing decorations for the ceiling, it is important to keep it bright. This allows light reflection in the room during the day and night. The patterns should be span across the room around ceiling light fittings. This is to allow the light illumination to focus on this appearances above. The pastes should be done within a framework of patterns. This is done using masking tape shaped to the desired patterns. Rollers are used to spread this pastes.

The decorative features on the ceiling starts by marking out the area. If the pattern is circular, the diameter is about three feet wide and for angular shapes about four feet wide. A skirting should be done around the walls on the soffits. This is one foot from the walls towards the center of the ceiling. The skirting is done smooth with a paint brush and a darker shade of color is used. The lighter shades are done on the internal patterns marked out.

Once the decorative feature skirting is formed, the internal part commences. The masking tape is placed along the marked grids. A roller is used to make the feature. Approved pastes are mixed and the roller is dipped and spreads it on the required surfaces. A velvet like surface is made. The masking tape is then removed after all the rolling is complete. This is allowed to dry for one day after which the light fittings are installed back on the ceiling.

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