How painful is the top 5 hair removal methods?

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Finding the best hair removal methods that are less painful could be challenging, and this top painful method list will help you choose wisely.

Women with exceptional facial and body hair usually try the best hair removal methods for highlighting their flawless skin. Excessive range of hair growth may be due to multiple reasons such as hirsutism and huge levels of testosterone hormonal circulation.

Types of hair in the face and body

Every beautiful woman faces the problem of choosing the best facial and body hair removal methods. There are two types of hair grown in your face-,

  • Vellus hair
  • Terminal hair.

Vellus hair

Vellus is thinner, shorter, mildly colored hairs covering your face and whole body. It starts developing in an individual during the childhood period is translucent and hardly visible. These fuzzy hairs might be visible when you scrutinize them in sunlight or bright lighting. Vellus hair is seen on your forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, the lower and upper areas of the lips.

Terminal hair

The terminal hair is thicker and darker than the vellus hair type. Sometimes women can possess terminal hair on the chin neck, sideburns, lower and upper lip areas.

Terminal hair is unwanted hair growing longer, thicker, and highly pigmented hair. This type of hair sometimes grows in the face, scalp, public skin area, and armpits extensively.  The growth of terminal hair is highly influenced by certain hormonal changes.

Hair Removal treatment options

The advancements made in technology have introduced different types of hair removal methods choices for removing those annoying unwanted hair from the body. There are effective methods that might be performed every day or frequently to maintain glowing skin.

You can also opt for other advanced hair removal methods that can help you accomplish permanent results. The basic hair removal procedures are less expensive and cheaper than other excellent quality methods.

Tips to choose less painful options

Most of the hair removal treatment choices are less painful and can be performed frequently without any discomfort. But at the same time, if you have very sensitive soft skin, then certain removal methods of hair might hurt and cause severe painful experiences.

It’s important that you analyze completely your skin conditions and carefully check the painful issues you might experience during a certain type of hair removal method. If you feel discomforting pain during the process then you can stop performing that method in the future without any hesitation.

How to control pain?

If you still want to continue with the particular method even though it is painful, then you can apply a good skin cream for numbing that particular area before the process starts. You can also take some pain-relieving medications one or two hours before the hair removal treatment options. However, any medications should be not taken without consultation with your dermatologist physician.

Top 5 painful hair removal options

We have shortlisted the top 5 painful hair removal methods exclusively for your benefits.

Shaving hair removal method

Shaving can be considered as the less painful hair removal option available in the beauty industry. It is performed by cutting the growing terminal hair on the upper skin area and is less painful than other methods. A small size blade is used for this process.

This method should be performed frequently or even at times as an everyday routine. Sometimes shaving can cause minor issues such as allergic irritation in your skin or a deep scar might be visible because of the cut with the sharp blade.

You need to use a fresh clean razor to avoid such painful accidents. Keep the shaved skin areas smoothly hydrated by applying moisturizers or shaving cream after shaving.

Waxing Hair Removal method

Waxing is completely different and more effective than the shaving method. These hair removal methods pluck out the hair deep inside the skin layers and remove hairs from the roots. Though this method is not a permanent option, it surely produces longer results than shaving.

This method can be performed at home or by professionals in a beauty salon. Waxing your hair can cause some irritation in the skin layers. The plucking procedure during waxing is very painful as it pulls the hair follicles from deep within the layers. Hot wax is first applied to the hairy skin area and then the wax is pulled off immediately.

Terminal hair removal can be performed best with waxing as it gives a better grip. Once it is completed the sensitive skin should be massaged with good moisturizing creams to soothe the pain.

Laser hair removal method

The laser Hair Removal method is an effective and semi-permanent option performed exclusively for your facial terminal hairs. These types of hair removal methods cannot be done at home but should be performed only by a licensed professional aesthetician or a dermatologist.

It is performed by involving beams of light rays intensely on those follicles of hair from deep within the roots. Multiple sessions might be needed for a person, but the results last permanently for a longer period.

This treatment might cause discomfort and pain, but since it is performed only for a shorter period it is manageable. Dermatologists usually recommend a topical cream for numbing the skin areas as a way to avoid pain.

Tweezing and threading hair removal method

Tweezers are used for pulling out single hairs and are usually performed only in limited skin layers. It is less painful than waxing but still, it causes deep pain with every pluck. Threading is the perfect hair removal method used for removing hair deep from the roots. As the professional beautician uses a thread for eradicating clusters of terminal hair, it gives you a painful experience. Discomfort feeling, itchiness, and redness can be relieved by applying a moisturizing cream.

Electrolysis hair removal method

Electrolysis could be considered the most painful method used for removing every single hair. This treatment is performed by inserting a sharp probe into the layers of skin and deep within the hair follicles.

The method uses heat laser energy or chemical substance for destroying the hairs from the roots. After inserting the probe they remove the growing terminal hair using fine tweezers.

This hair removal method is very painful as you will feel like being pricked multiple times with sharp needles. A single session of electrolysis treatment lasts for 30 minutes maximum.  Since this has been approved by FDA as the ultimate choice for permanent hair removal methods, you need to overcome the pain with a ray of hope of smooth flawless skin. Choose wisely the best method that well suits your complexion, skin condition, and ability to bear the pain. Good luck!