How much does a Canadian divorce cost?

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Sharing the same roof is not always easy. Divorce becomes the ultimate decision when a couple fails to carry on the relationship. However, a divorce doesn’t only ends with an emotional breakdown; it causes financial loses too.

And there includes some cost of divorce in Canada. This article will give you an idea of—how much does a Canadian divorce cost?

How much does a Canadian divorce cost?

There are two types of divorce—contested and uncontested divorce. And the cost of the divorce depends on the type. Let’s know in detail below:

Uncontested Divorce

In this divorce, both parties have a common ground without any disparity. It is also called an amicable divorce. Most importantly, an uncontested divorce costs the least.

As both parties agree on the most core matters, the chances of a lawyer’s involvement get lower. Eventually, the processing time is also cut to reduce additional costs.

In an uncontested divorce, usually, a lawyer charges $1,845 (on average). The court sessions’ fees don’t exceed $700/$800 in total (court fee + extra court fee).

Therefore, an uncontested divorce can be embodied as the cheapest divorce.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is completely a journey to the other side. Naturally, in this case, both parties have conflicts in their interests. From the lawyers’ experience, it’s not a surprise if the couples are found to disagree on each term literally. Child support, alimony or property division are all included in it.

Hence, a contested divorce’s cost can exceed multiple times that of an uncontested divorce. It is $14,000 on average. No doubt, this type of case takes away a huge amount of valuable time with money.

What’s additional to these is emotional and sometimes social distress. Lengthy-time, complexity, and efficiency of experienced lawyers are the factors that will make a person suit himself with a ridiculous expense.

Let’s not forget that several other issues may occur, making you do further maths.

Cost for filing a divorce in Canada

The divorce application cost is around $652. For the court fees, the applicant has to pay $212, where $202 is the court fee, and the rest of $10 is the Federal Department of Justice fee.

Another fee must be paid before the court starts the review of the divorce. The amount is nearly $420. Also, the lawyer’s cost may vary depending on the divorce type and area.

How can a person minimize the cost?

Divorce online saves a lot of money. There is no need for a physical meeting, and the cost is quite reasonable. The range is $500 to $2000. Thus quick divorce is the best choice if there is no issue between the couples, such as child custody or property division.

But it’s not a piece of cake every time. The procedure differs from the regular process in some fields. For example, the preparation of the separation agreement could be a reason. Because of that, situations may occur with consequences like denial of the application. Consider talking to an experienced lawyer before a quick/ online divorce.

Why is divorce not easy to deal with?

Ever wondered why a divorce requires your money? Taking a decision is at odds with executing that decision legally in terms of simplicity.

It isn’t an everyday chore to deal with separation. The moment a person turns over the first page, s/he knows it’s not that plain. It demands multiple paperwork, preparation and process. 

You need a collaborator to deal with all these, and the court will also take your time. Here comes the real deal- time and money. But how much? You already know that.

Last Words

The answer to ‘How much does a Canadian divorce cost?’ won’t be the same every time and everywhere in Canada. Different provinces hold different rules, and the law can be updated anytime.

Moreover, the course of litigation influence massively what to do next. We know you don’t want too much trouble, be it money or suffering. It would be wise to go with the friendly ending. And, of course, an experienced lawyer can best guide you in this.