How Is Technology Used Today to Secure and Protect Our Homes From Intruders?

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Technological advancement has gained popularity over the past few years. It has transformed our mode of communication and the way protection that we protect our homes. For example, the introduction of the Internet of Things has made it possible to connect and communicate with multiple devices. In addition, technology has made it possible to control smart devices remotely from things like our exterior door to our refrigerator. They can be assigned an internet protocol and connect via the internet.

As a result of this technological growth, most people have connected their home appliances like fridges, garage exterior doors, door locks, doorbells, lights, speakers, clocks, lights, and other electronic gadgets to optimize security.

Maintaining maximum security in a home setup isn’t an easy task. It requires a technical expert for the setup and maintenance of interconnected gadgets. It also has an additional cost of internet connectivity to ease communication amongst the smart devices.

Home Automation

Home automation requires interconnected devices sending you information based on your set commands. With proper setup in each home setup, one can control the security unit of their home. In addition, it helps save electricity costs simply because the lighting system has sensors that turn on the light on a need basis, especially at night. Motion sensors also help in automation of the lighting system because it triggers the lighting system only when there is motion detection.

Security Measures

There are many ideal ways of dealing with home automation. Smart home technology provides home with security convenience. Over the last few years, industry experts have been active in helping people achieve the best home security automation.

It has been pointed out that protecting your home from intrusion is all about security layers. Burglary can be mitigated by imposing more security measures to make your home more secure and reduce the risk of being attacked.

Technological Know-How

Improved technology is so dynamic that it keeps on changing every day. The process of home security automation poses a challenge to most homeowners because of the demands of technological know-how and advice on what to implement.

Hardware smart gadgets are for securing your home from intrusion using technology.

  1. Bluetooth Door Locks

The introduction of smart locks as one of the security measures has greatly helped in home automation. Smart locks are Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to your phone. They can also be connected using the app or Wi-Fi because they have an IP. They have sensors that can detect your presence without human intervention and are connected to all automation systems. In addition, they give the homeowner the capacity to control other smart interconnected gadgets like thermostats and lights. As a result, they help save energy and keep the door locked each time.

  1. Smartphone Controlled Sensors

Motion sensors help in detecting any movement in the house. Home sensors sense any presence at all entry points. One can install all these features in the windows and doors for optimal security. The sensor has the capacity of triggering the interconnected IP camera, which captures the image in case of an intrusion and sends the caption via email. It can also send a notification to your mobile phone via SMS or calls if it has a GSM module. It helps the homeowners to stay informed in case of an intrusion, regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, it helps them with the right decision of informing the security personnel for mitigation.

  1. IP Cameras

There are a good number of security cameras ideal for home protection. Most of these cameras are IP-based and can be connected to the internet for easy monitoring. Smart camera is also readily available because their price in the market is reducing. Most of these modern smart cameras rely on Wi-Fi for internet connectivity and are easily connected to smart mobile phones. The process gives the user the visibility of the live stream to see any movements of who is either entering or leaving the home compound when one is not around.

  1. Security Cameras and Remote Monitoring

Internet connectivity has enabled security firms to set smart security cameras that helps monitor a given home at the comfort of their offices. In addition, the cameras have advanced features that alert both security personnel and homeowners in case an intruder tries to break the security system.

  1. Fingerprint Scanners

The gadgets help in offering security using biometric. It means that only authenticated users are allowed on the premises or at home.

  1. Intelligent Garage Systems

The system enables smart homeowners to grant access to visitors and other members on an as-needed basis. For example, a remote garage door opener helps the owner open the door remotely. It also sends alerts of whether the door is open or closed and in case of an intrusion.