How Is A VoIP Phone System Better Than Cloud PBX?

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Selecting a phone for your business can be a difficult task. Communication plays a vital role and it cannot be compromised. To ensure that your communication processes are going well, you should make a good choice. You cannot rely on a traditional phone as it slows the calling process. You might be thinking that if there will be no phone then, how will you communicate? There will be an office phone but a smarter one. VoIP and cloud PBX are two smarter communication platforms.

People usually think that these two platforms are the same. Although there are plenty of differences between them in terms of functionality. The major difference is that the PBX directs calls which makes it an automated answering system. Whereas the VoIP phone system is an ultimate solution for your business Both these platforms lower your communication costs as compared to a traditional office phone. Still, they are not equal.

Choosing the right communication platform for your business is very crucial. You need to know the requirements of your business first. Then, you must educate yourself with all the choices out there. This helps you to know what a specific platform means to your business. Once you know your business requirements, you can select the best option. This article will tell you how VoIP is better than PBX. So that you can make a good decision for your business.

What Is Cloud PBX And a VoIP Phone?

A PBX is a phone system that is accessible over a cloud-based IP network. When you are using a PBX for communication, you can handle all the calls over the internet. You do not need to invest in a traditional phone to manage any calls. Moving to the PBX not only improves your telecommunication infrastructure but cuts costs too. When you have a PBX system there is no need to pay long bills. You can take subscription packages from the provider.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This phone technology is more secure and reliable than a cloud PBX. You just need a VoIP system and a working internet connection when using this technology for your office communication processes. VoIP has developed recently, after the PBX. It has been launched as a business solution with better functionality. Let’s see which one has better features that are valuable for every business.


Communication is the most crucial factor for the success of every business. Every business has the right to select a phone system that can improve functionality and productivity. Selecting the best choice for your business depends on the features you are looking for. Here is a list of features that a business phone must possess.


To grow your business, you need phone technology that supports scalability. VoIP phones come with a license. This license controls all the features and voicemail boxes. Moreover, it also controls if there is a need to add a user or device. On the other hand, PBX systems work on cards. To add a new extension or user, you need to make sure that you have got enough ports on the card. So, a VoIP phone is a better option when it comes to scalability.


When handling calls with a traditional phone, you cannot integrate other devices. Whereas a VoIP phone allows integrating with different devices. The best thing is that you can even channel your smartphone with it too. You can control the phone functions instantly which makes VoIP a unified communication platform. Moreover, a VoIP phone is easy to set up and maintain too. The PBX system does not work with the data network. Therefore, it does not offer integration.


Virtualization is another remarkable feature of VoIP technology. VoIP phones are far better than PBX systems. With a PBX, you have to buy a physical phone system too. When you have purchased a VoIP, there is no need to buy anything else. It serves as a virtual assistant and you can handle everything easily.


When it comes to cost, both PBX and VoIP save money. Unlike a traditional phone, PBX and VoIP both are budget-friendly options. You do not need to spend money on long bills and wiring too. Moreover, the maintenance costs of a traditional phone are high. With VoIP or PBX, you do not have to set up complex systems and that is why they are easy to maintain.