How I Set My Kids Up in Their Own Candy Bar.

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How did I add my sons and daughter to their little candy and lemonade business, and I didn’t go as far as I thought.

I had two boys who wanted to make some extra money. I told them I could show them a way to make money, but before they could start taking something out of business they had to learn to be patient, put in the money they earn and get back to work. . I’m sure they don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, but when I told them that they could sell candy bars themselves, they were excited!

I told them there was nothing wrong with selling candy or candy bars to schools, churches, fundraisers and all other reasons. I explained to my children that some people like them because they are trying to make money for themselves so that they can make money for themselves.

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Each was given two bags of small candy bars. I told them if they sold each candy for 25 cents, where they could use the money to buy more candy when they sold all the candy, and then when they sold all those candies they could buy more candy bars, take some money and pay the rest themselves. Check out this: What candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

My only son learned this valuable lesson very quickly. He was selling candy to his friends and adults. My other son was selling some, but I saw him eating a little. I told them, if they ate their candy bars when the business was small, they might not be able to pick up later. But if they double their turnover a few times and eat nothing, then they get a lot of candy, probably more than they can eat!

My only son said he would not eat any candy until he sold 3 bags. My other son was already eating half of his bag.

When I asked the boys if they were ready to go to the store and buy more candy, my son handed me his money and told me to use everything to buy more candy. My other son handed me some spare cash and said he only had one bag.

We went to the store, and helped my son buy more bag candy. My other son came, and I knew he thought I should buy his share again, but I didn’t this time. I want him to see what can happen if he doesn’t care about the job first, then come second.

When we got back to the car my son was carrying 3 bags of candy, already expecting more to be sold so he could finally get paid. My other son had a grim face, probably with tears in his eyes.

I was told that my only son now has 3 bags of candy. I asked his brother to work for him. He might give him a bag of candy, and let him give his brother a little more money for candy like a candy or a bank loan, and he said yes. Read more about what candy bar is considered good luck in japan .

At this time my other son ate no candy, he paid his brother a whole bag, then he bought another bag, and he sold candy until he was tired.