How Exterior Painting Companies Provide Painting Services

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We all want our house to look the best and most remarkable that’s why we focus on its interior such as remodeling the bathroom, and kitchen, buying new furniture, etc. But have you ever focused on the exterior of your house? Have you ever noticed how messy it is? No, because you always pay attention to the interior of your house.

Now, are you thinking of enhancing the exterior of your house? But at the same time you must be worried about how can you do it yourself when you have a job to do. Don’t worry when exterior painting companies are there for you. You just have to make them a call, share your requirements and all your work is done!

In this guide, we have discussed how the exterior painting companies provide you with painting services. For this purpose, we have mentioned some common tips and techniques followed by them. Let’s have a look at them!. Read more here in details about painting companies.

Prepare Tools and Equipment

First, they prepare all the required tools and equipment. These tools may include rollers and brushes that are needed for the painting service. But let me tell you the painting companies not only paint your house but also focus on maintaining the texture of the walls.

You can also ask them to make different designs on the exterior walls or install wallpapers so many tools are required for such designing like stickers. Moreover, water, a piece of cloth, or other things are also required to clean the walls before painting. So, all the things are gathered first.

Check The Weather Forecast

The exterior painting companies check the weather forecast before providing you exterior painting service. For example, they check the rainy weather and if there are chances for rain in the next 24 hours, they will not paint your house’s exterior.

For your information, it takes about 5 hours or more to paint the exterior of your house if you have hired only one painter. The time also depends upon the size of your house. Moreover, the paint also needs one to two hours to get dry. So, in this time period, there shouldn’t be any chances of rain, if yes, your house will not be painted.

Stir The Paint

Professional painting companies always stir the paint for a long time before applying it. You may have seen many professional painters do not apply the paint right after opening the bucket of the paint.

If any painter is applying the paint directly without stirring it, he is not professional. So, the exterior painting companies use an old wire or a long stirring rod for stirring the paint.

Patch The Cracks

Before painting your house’s exterior, reputable painting companies fix the cracks in the walls. These cracks can be of different sizes so you can you a mixture of cement and water or plaster of Paris for fixing the cracks.

These companies find any rotted, cracked, or broken sections to fix before painting. They also search for the holes and patch them using a professional-grade exterior patching compound which is the best for this purpose.

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Power Wash The Walls

For cleaning the walls, the best method used by the exterior painting companies is power washing. You can get this service from a cleaning company too but if you ask the painting company to do it, you will be charged extra money.

Special equipment is used for power washing your walls. Using this method, all the dust, debris, and germs are washed away from the walls making them clean and clear. You can easily see the dents or cracks on the walls after washing them.

Apply Primer

You may have seen that painting done by the professionals is very shiny but it does not shine when we paint the walls ourselves. The reason behind it is the use of the primer. When we hire an exterior painting company, it applies primer to the walls before painting the walls for smooth and shiny painting.

Applying a primer before applying the paint lets the paint last for a very long time so you do not have to invest much in the maintenance of the exterior of your house. When you use primer, the paint gets stuck to it like glue and you can also enjoy a very smooth painted wall.

Choose The Right Weapon

The professionals know about the right weapons to use when it comes to painting. We know that there are different types of brushes available in different sizes. The professional makes use of each brush.

For example, the large-sized brush is used for painting the wall and the small-sized brush is used for painting the borders smoothly. They also know the right use of the rollers.


To sum up, exterior painters are aware of all the techniques, tips, and tools that are necessary for painting your exterior walls. They know the right time to paint the exterior. You can contact such companies any time you want. You can get the exterior painting service according to your needs and budget.