How Does Smoking Affect Your Heart?

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Smoking affects various organs of your body i-e., heart, blood vessels, lungs and brain. The cardiovascular side effects of smoking can be hazardous for human health. One of the main reasons for blood pressure among different groups of people is excessive cigarettes.

Various studies have shown that cigarettes increase the risk of heart strokes in the human body. Moreover, it can tighten the major arteries of your body and can cause an irregular flow of blood in your heart.

Chemicals and other compounds like Carbon monoxide and tar that are found in cigarettes can be extremely harmful to the human body. The chemicals that are mentioned above can affect cholesterol levels.

Effects Of Smoking On The Human Heart.


Cholesterol, fatty acids and scar tissues are the substances that are combined to form plaque in the body. When a person smokes, the arteries become more rigid and narrower due to plaque build-up.

The plaque build-up then blocks blood flow in the body and causes inflammation. Smoking cigarettes can drastically increase the inflation rate in the human body. Moreover, it also causes hypertension, due to which the arteries become more stiffed:

Coronary heart disease:

A CHD happens when the arteries in the blood, known as coronary arteries, cannot bring enough blood to the heart. Too much smoking can cause CHD through atherosclerosis.

Additionally, the toxic chemicals that are there in cigarettes can thicken the blood. The thicken blood then causes the clots, due to which the flow of blood disrupts badly.

Smoking forms plaque and blood clots, which seriously damages the blood vessels. Due to the blood clots, the flow of blood to the body’s different organs disrupts badly. And if it ha[[sns to the brain, it can cause a stroke.

Peripheral Arterial disease.

PAD happens when the arteries can’t bring blood to the hands, legs, feet and arms. Excessive smoking can cause inflammation and atherosclerosis.

Heart Failure and Heart Attack.

Smoking increases the chances of a heart attack in the human body. The smoke you inhale through cigarettes can reduce blood flow in your heart and affect its circulation. A heart attack occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood.

What Are the Side Effects of Secondhand smoke?

People who smoke not only put their lives at risk, somehow, they jeopardize other people’s lives as well. Smoke that you accidentally inhale when you are around non-smokers is secondhand smoke.

It is highly recommended not to go near a person who excessively smokes. The particles of smoke that linger over the surface can spread various kinds of viruses among people. Exposure to secondhand smoke can cause severe asthma attacks in children and adults.

Moreover, it has been seen that a person who inhales secondhand smoke has to go through major respiratory problems. Secondhand smoke can increase a person’s chances of heart diseases by 25-30 %.

Secondhand smoke can affect the normal functioning of the heart and can damage the blood vessels. In addition to that, exposure to secondhand smoke can increase the risk of heart strokes and also affects blood platelets.

How Vapes Help People To Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself and others. When you quit smoking, you will see how your life change. Your heart works properly, and you will feel healthier. Here are the steps that can help you to quit smoking!

If you are a chain smoker and find it hard to quit smoking, you should switch to vapes. Vapes are the best alternative to cigarettes. Cigarettes contain tobacco and tar that are extremely harmful to human health.

Whereas disposable vapes like Elf bar and Geek bar disposable do not contain any harmful chemicals. These battery-powered devices are shaped like pens and are effective for human health. Vapes produce vapour that is made of a particular substance.

Vapour typically contains propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine flavours. You can use vapes instead of cigarettes. Vapes do not contain any harmful substance and can help you overcome your nicotine cravings in a much more effective way. There are various e-liquids to choose from. IVG E-liquids and Dinner Lady E-liquid are some of the most popular flavours.


To cut down your smoking habit, vapes are the best alternative. These devices are not expensive and are healthy for human health. Moreover, vapes can help you in quitting your smoking habit permanently.