How Does Asana Software Help Businesses? Useful Features

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By Madelyne

Asana software is the perfect project management tool for people who want to keep track of the important and necessary business jobs they must finish in a certain amount of time. 

It’s software for managing projects and might help you and your team get more organized and ready for anything. 

You can keep track of different jobs, make advanced to-do lists, and organize duties. In short, Asana can do everything that needs to be done to run a business.

Useful Features of Asana Software

Asana Software

Below you will find the answers to is asana easy to use and know the importance of powerful features. 

Planning Made Easier 

You can add links and any other information you think is important. If you use a long link like this to show how to make a plan, you should shorten it by entering it at the bottom of the home page of, clicking “Shorten,” and then copying and pasting the link you just made. 

This will give you a beautiful short link to use instead. Then, you can add one or more Subtasks, like sending it to people, making a talk, etc. These will help you a lot with your planning, and you can also make models to use again: 

  • It can save you time, help you work better, and keep you from getting headaches.
  • You can add Tags by writing Important and giving it a bright red or orange under Projects. 
  • Then, click the button in the panel’s upper right corner to close it, click Customise in the upper right corner, and turn on the Tags panel to add the tags to your list. This list view looks like a typical list of things to do.
  • You can change the view to Board or Timeline. In the Board view, you can move panels from one area to another by dragging them. 
  • The titles of the parts at the top can be changed. For example, To do an Asana app for tasks, To Edit in Progress. And move the specific job as it is done.

Controlling Many Projects At Once

The most important thing about Asana software is its tools for managing projects and tasks. You can make lists or boards to keep track of projects as a whole. These will have information about all the projects’ ideas, meetings, and programs.

From there, you can divide these projects into tasks and subtasks to make them easier to handle and list the steps needed to finish each. With the best CRM software, you can also do: 

  • Give specific jobs to people so everyone knows who is doing what.
  • To keep track of jobs, divide them into parts or columns.
  • Give start dates and due dates, which can also be timed.
  • Make templates that can be used repeatedly to make starting certain jobs easy.
  • Add task requirements to say when some jobs must be done before others can begin.
  • Put your tasks on a chart so that everyone can see the order of the job.
  • Make rules to simplify things like giving jobs and figuring out who needs help first.
  • Attach files from several programs that work together.

Helpful Communicating Tools

Tracking messages and tasks is easy with your inbox. You can even add jobs to messages and use project talks in Asana software.

You can also proofread photos and PDFs, and any comments you make can be turned into jobs so the rest of the team knows what needs to be fixed.

There are many ways to look at work.

Asana app components are mostly made to fit your team, so it gives you different ways to look at your jobs and projects:

  • List: Use a grid to see and group your jobs.
  • My tasks: Here, you can see a list of everything you need to do.
  • Calendar: It lists things that must be done by a certain date.
  • Board: It looks like a bulletin board and shows you what to do next.
  • Inbox: It has a list of all the talks you’ve had.
  • Things: Puts all the things that have been added to the project in one place.

Managing and Reporting Tools

Asana’s reporting tools will make it easier for you to keep track of project changes and send updates when needed if you are in charge of a team.

  • You can also set “goals” and “milestones” to keep everyone on the same page in Asana software.
  • You can also quickly talk to your team using status reports for projects and portfolios. 
  • You can use your Dashboard to see the state of all your current projects and tasks at a glance and find problem areas if you need to.

Using an Asana app for teams, you can get people to work on the same project together. The team area has a tab called “Overview,” where you can keep track of projects, and “Messages,” where you can make statements and talk with the group. If you have trouble managing projects, you can try free tools for small businesses.

  • You can add friends as fans to projects that aren’t theirs to keep them informed and let them know if there are any problems they can help with. 
  • Administrators have options for protection. 
  • You can limit access to certain jobs or hide teams that do sensitive work using rights and other privacy tools.

Easy to Connect Apps

One thing that makes  Asana software easy to use is that it works with other apps. Asana also works well with some other apps. 

  • The ones that stand out are Power BI, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Outlook, Gmail, and Slack for Communication.
  • You can make and share files with Adobe Creative Cloud, OneDrive, Office365, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Harvest is a built-in tool that keeps track of time.


 Asana software is a great tool for organizing projects and tasks. Its popularity among businesses comes from its user-friendly design, powerful capabilities, and affordable price. Although there is room for development on the platform, particularly regarding dynamic projects, features of Asana software are currently among the finest available.


Can You Use Asana For Free?

The first 15 users of Asana are completely free. You may purchase an upgrade if you want to use premium features inside a workspace or team or to become an administrator within your organization and add more members.

Is storage limited?

No. Make as many to-do lists, projects, and file uploads as possible. They are valid forever. Remember that  Asana software has a 100MB restriction on individual file uploads, but you can always use an app like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box to complete the job.

What is the canceling policy for Asana?

Access to premium features will continue until the end of your subscription term, even if you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle. You will no longer have access to the premium features of  Asana software after your membership has ended.