How Do You Solve a Problem Like Video Game Piracy?

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Playing video games online must be accompanied by a few security measures in order to remain vigilant against the risk of attacks from cybercriminals who roam the web in search of new prey. It is imperative to equip yourself with all the possible means allowing you to have fun on the Internet, without fearing to be the target of a pirate. Security in online games is a major issue that requires special attention. Explanations.

What distinguishes an online game?

An online game is a video game like afk arena tier list that requires an Internet connection. You can play it alone or with several people who are either your friends or followers of the game sometimes located at the other end of the Earth.

You can access it from a game console, a smartphone or just a computer. If at the base this configuration is presented in a simple way, playing online is not without risk today…

What are the security issues associated with online gaming?

Fraud and identity theft are the two major risks of cybercrime. Online payments are very risky because a criminal can hack your personal or banking information. 

It can proceed either by using your IP address, or during a payment on an unsecured site with your bank card. It collects all your personal information to harm you. He can therefore pretend to see you, even worse, empty your bank account. 

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent this kind of attack, in particular through the use of a VPN . 

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What is a VPN and how does it work?

In computing, the VPN for Virtual Private Network , translates to virtual private network . It consists in connecting remote computers by a so-called tunneling technique which can only be possible with an Internet connection, which is why it is a virtual network. Creating a direct link between different computers makes it possible to isolate the exchanges taking place on public communication networks.

Clearly, it is an identity backup network, which guarantees your Internet browsing in complete safety, since no one can have access to your  IP address and the data passing through it is encrypted.

The only locatable IP address is that of the VPN , which guarantees security and navigation on video games.

The importance of a VPN network for online video games

If you use a VPN , you have every chance of keeping your identity secret and confidential. Your personal data is secure before your VPN IP address leaves your device. It is therefore an effective shield that is important at a time when the resurgence of cybercrime is in full swing.

A VPN also effectively protects against DDoS attacks (an acronym that refers to a distributed denial of service attack). With or without technical knowledge, a person can through a DDoS service send a request via a compromised system to for example force you to quit a game. This type of threat can easily be applied by a rival to the game if he feels that he loses the game. 

To avoid these attacks and play safe on your PlayStation , you need to choose an effective VPN that is able to protect you well and hide your IP address at all times. It will also be useful to access games reserved for other countries by pretending that you are located in this same country. 

You now know a little better the reality of online games and the dangers that this activity can entail. If you are able to identify them, it will be easier to avoid falling into the traps set by cybercriminals when playing your favorite game online.