Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for May 4: forecast and advice for the day

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Taurus will be successful in their work, and Leos will receive important news.


Not an easy day for Aries. It is better not to enter into transactions related to housing – fraud is possible. Categorical judgments can alienate a close friend from you. You will have to compromise, but you will not regret it.

But on the personal front, everything is fine – love relationships will move to a new stage, which can lead you down the aisle.


A good day for solving work issues and taking action. Feel free to take the initiative into your own hands and start achieving your goals. In the professional field, act more decisively and do not be afraid to take on a new direction, the management will celebrate your efforts.


Today it is good to deal with issues related to finances. However, borrowing is not worth it. In your personal life, everything is going in the best way – you will be able to spend a wonderful evening with the object of your attention and strengthen your relationship.


At work, all issues will be resolved easily. At the same time, you will be able to effectively cope with household issues and problems that concern your loved ones. Pay attention to the advice of people who know you well and wish well – during this period, you need an objective look at the situation from the outside.

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The day is good for reflection and measured rest. Try to organize your affairs and prioritize, then the mood will immediately rise. In the morning, important information is likely to arrive that will inspire you to new beginnings. However, don’t take action right away – think over the details and plan everything first.


The day is rich in communication and meetings. Despite the intense communication, you will be able to keep up everywhere. It’s a good day to mend a relationship with someone you are at odds with. Take care of your own health – the stars recommend not postponing a visit to the doctor to solve a long-standing problem.


Libras will receive important job offers – do not ignore activities that can affect your professional career. Even if a future meeting or presentation seems boring and uninteresting to you, be sure to go. Great offers and useful contacts are waiting for you. Help will come from where you don’t expect it.


Scorpions will be snapped up today. Many unresolved issues or unfulfilled obligations will require immediate resolution. Everyone will need you. Perhaps a business acquaintance or an unexpected coincidence that will bring profit. Try to do everything and stay calm.


According to the horoscope for May 4, 2021, Sagittarius’s day symbolizes balance and self-confidence. Any trouble will be perceived by you as something small and easily resolved. Your loved ones will be of great help to you. Try to avoid love affairs, because they will only take your time and energy.


Today an eventful day awaits Capricorns. The cycle of issues requiring solution will capture you from the very morning, but you do not grumble, but immediately get down to business. The second half of the day will show that you are an irreplaceable person in some matters. Marital relations will be constructive and harmonious, take time for your soul mate.


The financial situation will gradually improve. Some Aquarians will make a profit today. Do not give up on the proposed commercial trips planned for today – they should bring a certain amount of income. Spend the evening at home, communication with loved ones will give you peace of mind and confidence in the future.


The day is good for trades, the result will be a profit. Probably receiving a solid amount, which is better to invest, after consulting with the family. Do not go on about your own weaknesses, do not refuse to solve important matters for the sake of momentary interests. The day is also good for socializing with children and parents.