Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for April 22: forecast and advice for the day

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Sagittarius today can be called on a date, and Gemini needs to beware of scams and scammers.


Aries will have a day full of household chores. And you will have to make decisions that have been postponed for a long time. But the result will be worth it. It is better to spend the evening at home, to communicate with the child.


The financial gods are not on the side of Taurus today. It is better not to plan a deal for today, it will not turn out to be a success. Today it is better not to carry out serious manipulations with money at all. Investments are likely to be unprofitable, and the debt may not be returned. It is recommended to spend the day at home, in a relaxed atmosphere.


Gemini today can easily succumb to passions and emotions. However, such a “swing” in the mood can negatively affect your vigilance. There is a risk of suffering from fraudsters who, at first glance, will seem quite decent and trustworthy. But in fact, they can use you for their own purposes. Be carefull.


Cancers today will be subject to different addictions .. This can be overeating, alcohol abuse, promiscuous sexual relations. You are being tested for strength, be firm. Meditation, massage, physical activity can help to find inner balance. Also try to understand where the addiction came from, what are you trying to compensate for?

a lion

Lions have a day for moral cleansing today. Now is the time for spiritual growth. Take time to be alone with yourself, to think about important issues and plans for the future. Various reasonable limitations will be beneficial and there will be strength to endure them.


Virgos today will receive news from old friends or acquaintances, which will be very important and will help make a decision. It is better to think over several possible scenarios. You can choose the only correct one from them. Accept support and help from people close to you, they sincerely wish you only the best.


Libra today is better off avoiding sharp questions and not sorting out the relationship. Do not enter into confrontation with anyone, it will only upset your inner balance. Show patience and understanding. Postpone major transactions and financial issues for another day. In general, limit the influence of the material on this day.


Scorpios will be full of determination and strength today. You will be given the opportunity to show it. A good day for communication with colleagues at work and business trips. Perhaps a lucrative offer will come from foreign partners. Be ready to make the right decision quickly.


An easy and positive day. Today you will overcome all obstacles without titanic efforts, you will be able to strengthen your financial position. However, you need to rely only on your own strength. In love, you will be luckier: today you can be called on a date, which will inspire and give hope for the continuation of the relationship.


A busy day at Capricorns. Conflicts and quarrels are likely, after which reconciliation will not come soon. The stars recommend avoiding sensitive issues and finding time for proper rest and sleep. And the best thing to think about is a vacation: it’s time to plan your trip.


Today “batteries” of Aquarius require recharging. The day is good for starting a wellness course. The stars recommend relaxing at the end of the day and just forgetting about all the work issues for a while. A hobby, light reading, watching a TV series or walking will help you with this. Don’t try to be a workaholic seven days a week; good rest is essential too.


A good day to meet and chat with friends. Make an appointment with loved ones whom you haven’t seen for a long time, this will help strengthen your friendship. In a relationship with your partner, you may run into disagreements over money and budget allocation. Try to find a compromise.