Guide To Bi-Fold Doors

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You have most likely come across bi-fold doors while looking for entry points and doorways for your property. Bi-fold doors allow you to create a stylish yet functional point of access to your home’s many rooms. You should always get such installations done by professionals such as Advanced Design Innovations.


What exactly are bi-fold doors and how do they function?

The first thing to understand about bi-fold doors is that they are made up of a series of panels, usually two to seven, that glide open by folding the panels against the wall. Bi-fold doors, like concertina doors, are meant to be folded over and stacked against the walls. This not only frees up the space normally necessary for regular doors, but it also allows you to have an unobstructed view and total access to the next room in your home.


Bi-fold doors are operated by a tracking system that runs along with the panels of a train. The doors glide along with the tracking system with the help of a lower tracking system or a series of wheels as they fold in on themselves. This means they work smoothly and quietly.

Bi-folds come in a variety of styles, allowing you to use them as inside doorways or as indoor-outdoor departure points. You can have bi-fold doors that are glazed with wide glass panels to allow in the light or solid materials such as wood for privacy.


When installing bi-fold doors, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Begin by determining whether your area is suited for bi-fold doors by seeking advice from an architect or a bi-fold door expert. They can advise you on the most suitable frame size and the ideal locations for bi-folds in your home.



The number of panels in your door, as well as how they open, are referred to as bi-fold configuration. For example, your door could have five panels that all open in the same direction, two panels that open in one direction, and three panels that open in the opposite direction. The size of the hole and the amount of space available around the panels will determine how you arrange your panels.

You could choose a lead door that can be opened without the need to open all of the other panels. Adding features like glass panels or fly screens to your bi-fold doors for clear and uninterrupted views can also add extra appeal and bring in more light.


Bi-fold doors with screens

Bi-fold doors, contrary to popular opinion, are not difficult to screen. If properly fitted, screens will not obstruct the operation of your bi-fold doors. In fact, they will provide you a whole new level of enjoyment by allowing you to make the most of your bi-fold doors, enjoy unobstructed outdoor vistas, and keep flies and other insects at bay. Screens can be added to any style of bi-fold door, and they are a great, safe addition to your home because they allow you to let in fresh air while keeping insects and pests out.

They do not take up much space and are so simple to operate that even children can use them. Screens are an elegant and subtle addition to your bi-fold doors, allowing you to enjoy your views rather than obstruct them.


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