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There is a total of 6 seasons of Young and Hungry from season 1 to Young And Hungry Season 6 Ashley Tisdal, as Logan Rawlings, for illustration, creates a”30 under 30″ list for a prominent magazine. When she looks to be interested in Gabi, Elliott arranges for them to go on a date in the expedients of getting Josh on her list. In Young and Hungry season 4, she runs a media company called Clicked and employs Sofia as her adjunct. 

 In the season 2 occurrences “Young & Moving “and” Young & Ferris Wheel, “Kylie Minogue plays Shauna, an ABC News tech journalist with whom Josh had a coyness. Shauna has a seven-time-old son named Brett and an estranged adult son named Danielle; still, when Gabi reunites Shauna and Danielle, they discover that Josh has had assignations with both of them. 

 Sofia pressures Gabi to date in order to deal with working for Josh again, as played by Keegan Allen as Tyler, a drummer. Josh and a woman from Gabi and Sofia’s structure went on a double date. 

 Cheryl Hines plays Josh’s mama, Kathy Kaminski, who has a drinking problem. 

Jerry O’Connell plays Gabi’s father, Nick Diamond, who falls in love with Josh’s mama, Kathy, important to Gabi and Josh’s surprise. 

 In season 3, Briana Lane plays Dr. Jessica Rounds, Josh’s therapist, who falls for Josh when he assists her in transporting her injured canine to the veterinary sanitarium. 

 Demi Mills appeared in Season 4 as Keisha, Elliot, and Alan’s 13- time-old foster child. 

 Natasha Cook-Campbell, a celebrities cook and life practitioner, who’s one of Gabi’s alleviations, is played by Heather Dub row. 

Ms. Wilson, Gabi’s downward apartment neighbor who provides her love advice, is played by Betty White. In the occasion “Young & Vegas Baby, “Ms. Wilson reunites with an old swain Bernie (Carl Reiner), and it’s revealed on that occasion that her first name is Bernice. 

 Andy Buckley plays Josh’s estranged father, Matt Danon. 

 Juan Carlos is played by Jose Moreno Brooks.


“We absolutely demanded to do another season, and we did not get to, “the show’s creator, David Holden, said in a meeting. But, hey, that is how TV works. Hopefully, we’ll be suitable to tie effects up nicely. That is not how business is done.”

“The thing with the film is that we tie effects up a little more, “he continued. The season will really end on a thriller. It would be fantastic if a film could please all of our sweeties. We have formerly written a rough dupe of the script for them. I am guessing it will state on Freeform. I suppose it’s a matter of determining whether or not it’ll be. It’s not under my control. However, I suppose we should post it on the internet and see what happens if they do not get the movie.” On August 24, 2018, the show’s star Emily Osment turned to social media to express her excitement. To convey her dissatisfaction with the film’s creators, who also reevaluated it?