Gingrich claims Democrats have ‘given up keeping House’, are ‘ramming through everything they can’

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House Democrats are engaged in a “cynical ploy” to pass as much of their extreme agenda as they can before next year’s midterm elections, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday.

“I think … they’ve given up on keeping the House, Gingrich explained. “What they’re doing is ramming through everything they can get done before they lose in 2022. This is kind of a sprint to radicalism even though it’s going to cost, if you look at these votes … [they’ll] have 30, 40, 50 members who are not going to be able to defend them.”

Gingrich noted that the last two Democratic presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, both saw their party suffer huge losses in the House in their first midterm election. 

“They [Democrats] lost 54 seats [in 1994] and we became the majority for the first time in 40 years,” he said. “When Obama was elected, they lost 63 seats [in 2010].”

“I think the Biden-Harris model is, ‘We’re going to lose the House anyway, we might as well grab everything we can while we’ve got power. ‘It’s astonishing,” Gingrich went on.

“Just take the $1.9 trillion political pork bill, which is not a COVID bill. Only 9% of it is COVID. The other 91% is just political pork. That bill has more radicalism in it than the eight years of Clinton and the eight years of Obama combined. Just that one vote.”


“And you’re going to see wave after wave. I describe it as a flood tide of radicalism,” he added, later claiming that the Democrats’ insistence on essentially erasing the U.S.-Mexico border makes those flooding into the country “Biden’s illegals.”

“If there’s a problem in Texas, it’s not with Governor Abbott, it’s with Biden’s illegals. We just have to call them [that], these are Biden’s illegals coming into the country [with] no public health check,” Gingrich said. “Even back in the 1880s we had public-health checks when you came to America.”

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