Germany: Where and How Stores Will Open for Easter 2024

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For more than a year now, the coronavirus pandemic has dictated living conditions to humanity. How it will affect the Easter holidays this year, it will become known on Monday. As with the second wave at Christmas, crowds should be avoided before the holidays. Including in shops and supermarkets. What are the opening hours of the stores? How much will it differ from the usual this year?

Retail chains ask customers to make purchases in advance, not at the last moment before the holidays. However, if necessary, it will be possible to buy products from Lidl, Aldi, Edeka and Co according to the following schedule:

Opening hours Edeka, Rewe, Penny

This year, as in the past, Edeka, Rewe and Penny have no plans to extend their opening hours. To give shoppers the opportunity to shop in less crowded stores, chains are asking to schedule a visit outside of Maundy Thursday and Easter Saturday. In this case, buyers will be able to maintain the recommended distance without any problems.

Lidl opening hours for Easter

About 3200 Lidl branches will be open at the usual time on Maundy Thursday and Easter Saturday. On Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, the chain’s branches, as well as other stores, will be closed.

Opening hours of Aldi Nord & Süd

Aldi will provide shoppers with the opportunity to purchase pokuki early in the morning, while many are still in bed. If you plan to visit Aldi Süd or Aldi Nord, you can do so on Maundy Thursday and Easter Saturday from 7:00 am instead of 7:30 am and 8:00 am.

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