Germany: The incidence rate in one in four regions is below 100

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Experts-epidemiologists note the emerging positive trend. At the moment, the incidence rate per week in every fourth region of Germany is below the “alarming border” of 100. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 103 out of 412 districts and localities on Tuesday morning, the figure fell below this threshold set by politicians.

For comparison: a week ago, in just 57 regions, the incidence rate was below 100. As you know, the federal authorities have made changes to the law on protection against infection, obliging the regional authorities to introduce an “emergency brake” and additional restrictive measures if the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week exceeds 100 for three consecutive days.

The national average trend is thus positive. However, the epidemiological situation in the federal states is very different. As of Tuesday, the RKI reported that the reading in Schleswig-Holstein was 57. In Hamburg and Lower Saxony, it also balances below 100. At the same time, in Thuringia, the coefficient is still above 200, frozen at around 217. In Saxony, it is slightly lower but is still quite high at 204.

The most favorable situation at the moment is noted in Flensburg – 32. The most dangerous area is the region of Saale-Orla (557) in Thuringia.

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