Germany: Red wine can negatively affect health

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Good red wine is pleasant to drink. TO to that the same people are still in antiquity believed that wine – a very healthy drink, almost like medicine. IN Recently, the benefits of red wine are constantly emphasized.

It is believed to improve heart function and prevent the development of dementia. However, the data on the benefits of red wine is rather contradictory. After all, wine is an alcoholic drink, and excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the strongest national problems of any state. “When we talk about the health effects of alcoholic beverages, the most important factor is the alcohol content,” says Professor Pekka Jousilahti. Red wine is by no means a healthy drink. There is no serious evidence of the benefits of wine. ” shcha with a lot of antioxidants helps prevent various diseases. Red wine also contains antioxidants such as tannins, anthocyanins, and resveratrol. These compounds may be beneficial to health, but research results are not as straightforward. It cannot be denied that drinking alcohol increases the risk of numerous diseases, social problems and injuries. For some people, even moderate but regular alcohol consumption over time turns into a bad habit. When the number of servings of a drink rises to four or more, the risk begins to skyrocket. “If you weigh the pros and cons, the harm outweighs. Alcohol does not promote heart health and should not be used as medicine. Alcohol raises blood pressure, drinking a lot of alcohol increases the risk of stroke, ”says Jousilahti.

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