Germany predicted the reaction of Germany in the event of a war between Russia and NATO

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In Germany, they predicted Berlin’s actions in the event of a war between Russia and NATO. A hypothetical plan of action in his material for the newspaper Handelsblatt was described by the publicist Wolfgang Münchau.

In his opinion, the struggle for the so-called “Suwalki corridor” – an almost 100 km long section that could connect the territory of Belarus with the Kaliningrad region, could become a point of tension. Now there is the border between Poland and Lithuania. Munchau called this site a hypothetical site of the start of hostilities.

At the same time, he considers it naive to believe that the fifth article of the NATO charter on collective security will immediately come into effect.

“I see absolutely no chances that Germany will ever take part in a military action against Russia, even if it invades the Baltic states,” Munchau said in his publication.

As an argument, the publicist cited the words of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who said that Germany “owes” Russia the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to “atone for its sins during the Second World War.” Münchau doubted that there would be a majority among German politicians supporting “any form of military action.”

The journalist also recalled that Steinmeier called the NATO maneuvers in the Suwalki corridor a saber rattling.

On March 12, Swedish experts from the Research Institute for Defense Research acknowledged that Russia would have superiority over the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance in the event of a large-scale war in the immediate vicinity of Sweden.

On April 4, experts said that NATO is now going through difficult times and is faced with internal contradictions, and the achievement of the alliance can be considered the fact that during its existence there were no wars within the bloc countries.