Germany: how to apply for maternity capital if the passport has long expired

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“We moved to Germany in 1999. Our daughter received her first passport here, in 2000. She never changed her passport. It has expired since 2005. Since then, she has married, changed her last name and gave birth to two children. Now she is thinking of registering maternity capital. Tell me, is it real at all? ” the reader asked us a question.

We asked the employee of the service bureau to answer the question MK-Services:

– All citizens of the Russian Federation can apply for maternity capital. In this case, you need to act according to the following algorithm:

1. Legalize documents on the change of surname. If this is a marriage certificate, then apostille on the original, make a translation, assure the correctness of the translation at the Russian Consulate.

2. Submit documents to the Consulate to verify the circumstances of Russian citizenship.

3. If citizenship is confirmed, you can apply for a new passport in your hands, issued by the Citizenship Department of the Consulate.

4. After receiving a passport, apply for citizenship for children.

5. Issue Russian passports for children.

6. Submit documents for registration of maternity capital.

As you can see, the procedure is long, but doable. And if you need help, the service bureau MK-Services will help you arrange documents quickly and without problems. Ask questions by phone: 069 99 99 80 96!

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