Germany: Another federal state relaxes restrictions since March

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Following Bavaria, which announced the first weakening, Saxony-Anhalt decided to take small steps towards normalization. Along with the gradual opening of schools in the federal state, hairdressing salons will start working. Since the beginning of March, some enterprises have been allowed to resume their work: gardening shops, kindergartens, flower and hardware stores, auto and flight schools, said Prime Minister Rainer Haseloff.

“This step is necessary because we need these seasonal offers. To fulfill the need to be active even when the weather gets better again ”.

Bavaria previously announced that horticultural, flower and home improvement stores will open in early March. In addition, services that require contact with the client, such as a pedicure, will be allowed. Teachers of music schools will also be able to take pupils to individual lessons in regions where the incidence rate is below 100.

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