Gangster King and Queen Tattoos: What are they stand for?

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By Henry Jackson

If we traced the history, we could easily find out that tattoo designs have an age of 5000. It is now a classic piece of art that everyone wants, and now it’s become a fashion. This era of Gangster King and Queen Tattoos is a common culture and is very old.

They look fascinating, but the process of inserting tattoos is also excruciating. This trend is most common among young boys and girls, the youth. The king and queen tattoo meaning represents different aspects. Let’s find out more in the article.

Use of gangster king and queen tattoos

People often used king and queen tattoo designs to represent the belongings of the mafia and other criminal groups. This way, they stand out in public compared to other competitive groups. 

Their gangster king and queen tattoos represent their identity for respective groups. Gangsters are groups of people engaged in illegal activities. They use certain symbols or names to create fear or terror among the public. They earn money on bad terms like kidnapping, rape, robbery, and other criminal activities.

Many couples also seem to use these king and queen tattoo designs to show their love for one another. The relationship between king and queen is the identity of the strongest bond. They put tattoo designs on arms, shoulders, thumbs, or other parts of their bodies. It is their way of showing affection towards their group or a person.

What does tattoo design stand for?

Both king and queen tattoos can be categorized according to their ruling in the state. King is the male ruler of the country or a form, and the queen is the female ruler. Gangster king and queen tattoos signify power as they rule the countries, states, and groups. So these tattoos are considered to be a sign of strength. Maybe a muscle for a group or a person.

Why Gangster king and queen tattoos are a sign of power?

  • A gangster always welcomes new members to be a part of his gang. 
  • As more people enter the group, it will become more powerful and show better hegemony. 
  • A single person does not have enough power to fight and show off his power, so that’s why when many people do something together, it is considered more potent. 
  • In this way, these tattoo designs are a sign of power for them.

Does a king and queen tattoo mean a sin?

Many religions like Islam consider it a sin, and worship is not acknowledged with a tattoo on any part of the body. Many religions do not want to talk about this matter, and some religions welcome and accept this culture without considering it a sin. Even the mummy was also covered with tattoos on her whole body with gangster king and queen tattoos.

Trends of King and queen tattoo designs

First, this artwork was only a sign of mafia and criminal gangsters. But as time passed, big stars from Hollywood and Bollywood applied tattoo designs, a trend now, and every person, whether in a developing nation or a developed one, has a tattoo on their body.

Some even become obsessed with this, and this act becomes a craze for them. Couples are also entering this realm. It is widespread in the USA but is a trending culture worldwide. There are tattoo artists as well with specialized skills.


Tattoo designs are not a modern culture. As said, the mummy had tattoo designs all over her body. Moreover, It is considered to be a trend before Christ. These tattoo designs are standard among the mafia and gangsters but now among couples. 

Tattoos are most common among youth to look cool, and even among people of old age. It is an artwork that has its value today. It is common now and was in the past as well. Its use will never come to an end.