Functions and accessories: Surface cleaner attachments for large areas

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For one-time use, you can borrow a high-pressure cleaner. If you regularly want to do different tasks with a high-pressure cleaner, it is worth buying a slightly more expensive model with power reserves. These can be throttled accordingly for certain applications. hoverboard beeping and not moving some models even give you the option to choose the scattering distance of the water jet.

The typical high-pressure cleaner accessories include various attachments for spray nozzles, cleaning agents, and extensions. In order to select the best high-pressure cleaner for your applications, it is therefore also worth taking a look at the equipment already supplied and additionally offered. In addition, you should take care of important equipment for the care of the device.

Attention: Never direct the jet of a high-pressure cleaner at people or animals! Water pressure can cause serious injuries. Even with small holes in the hose, the work must be stopped immediately so as not to risk injuries to the hand. For the same reason, it is also recommended to wear safety glasses while working with a high-pressure cleaner.

Appropriate maintenance also includes the oiling of the so-called axial bearing. This is necessary if you want your cleaner to continue to work properly even after long use. With the offer of oil for high-pressure cleaners, you can choose between commercially available engine oil, fully synthetic oil, and high-quality special oil.

More and more manufacturers are offering surface cleaner attachments for high-pressure cleaners. Depending on the area of application, these have both advantages and disadvantages. So that you can get a better overview, we have briefly summarized them in the following table:



  • Uniform cleaning of large areas such as terraces
  • Distance of the high-pressure cleaner to the floor does not have to be observed
  • Easy to use, even for beginners




  • Strong pressure drop in some attachments
  • Usually has to be purchased separately
  • Only usable for floor surfaces

In a comparison of the high-pressure cleaners, only a few devices in the endurance test showed a total failure. Most of the faults in these cases were leaks on hoses, valves and containers. In one case, best stakeboards tricks for beginners there was even a short circuit, which in the worst case can cause a fire. For this reason, the test portal advises against very cheap high-pressure cleaners.

Other 2022 pressure washer tests show that certain criteria and features are crucial for a purchase. You should therefore always pay attention to the following points in test reports:


  • Water/working pressure ratio
  • Achievement
  • Water consumption
  • Water flow rate
  • Type of pump operation
  • Equipment and Scope of delivery
  • Hose length


Attention: High-pressure cleaner accessories such as special attachments are usually only suitable for the respective manufacturer or a specific model. Even if the connection system is similar for all devices, the individual connections are not standardized and therefore do not fit together. For safety reasons, you should therefore not combine components from different manufacturers.