Foods that are off-limits for diabetics

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Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce or produce insufficient insulin. Due to this, the blood sugar in the body runs amok, as it cannot be converted to a storable form. 


People with diabetes then need to be extra careful about their diet, since what we eat has direct implications for blood sugar levels. 


If BSL is not moderated, it leads to different problems in the body. In the short term, it causes issues like weight loss and frequent urination, but in the long term, it causes kidney problems, heart disease, nerve damage, etc. 


Hence, it is important that diabetics be careful about their diet. While everything in moderation is good, some foods are not good for them. These should either be taken very rarely, or better yet, not at all. You can also consult an expert at Maroof International Hospital for further help. 


Off-limits foods include:


Dried fruit 

Even though fruit is healthy for everyone, however, dried fruit is not a good choice for diabetics. When the fruit is dried, it loses its water content, due to which the amount of sugar becomes even more concentrated. 


Hence, it is better to consume fresh fruit. Those with high water and fiber content are excellent for diabetics, as it helps in balancing out the fruit sugar. 


Honey and sweet syrups 

Pancakes do call for maple syrup, but that is not an option when you are diabetic. People may consciously cut down their consumption of white sugar by not adding it to their coffees and teas, however, white sugar is not the only form of sugar consumed. 


Syrups like maple syrups are also loaded with sugar. Therefore, it is also important to be considerate of sugar consumption through these sneaky ways. 


Honey is also loaded with sugar, but it has properties that are good for health. Hence, you should consume only a very little quantity of it, instead of completely eliminating it from your life. 


Packaged snacks 

Snacks like crackers and crisps are not good for diabetics either. Crackers, pretzels, cookies, etc. are made of refined flour, which is not a healthy choice for diabetics. 


Crisps etc. are not made of refined flour, but still offer little to no nutrients, but are loaded with calories. This then increases the risk of weight gain and obesity, which complicate diabetes. 


Refined flour 

Refined flour is used to make white bread, pasta, and other baking items like cakes. Since the flour is refined, it is dense in carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose. It then contributes towards the raise blood sugar levels. 


Moreover, refined flour also posits other risks for diabetics, including lowered brain functioning. It also causes an increase in weight gain, which then exacerbates not just diabetes but its risk factors like heart disease and sleep problems as well. 


Instead of refined flour, use whole grains. They are a good source of fiber, which not only then balances out the sugar ratio in the food, but fiber also helps in the absorption of sugar.


Consumption of fiber is also looked to the better gut microbe, which in turn helps in improving insulin resistance. Consequently, cells can convert sugar to a storable form, so less of it is present in the blood. 


Sweetened beverages 

You might not think twice before drinking a can of soda or gulping a juice pack; however, they are loaded with sugar. They then also raise the blood sugar levels rather quickly, thereby leading to the sugar rush. 


Moreover, high levels of sugar therein also pose the risk of weight gain. Obesity not only exacerbates the condition but also increases the risk factor of other problems like heart disease. 


Furthermore, these sugary beverages also pose the risk of metabolic changes, that aggravate not just diabetes, but the overall health as well, requiring the intervention of the General Physician in Karachi then.