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By Marilyn Royce

Whether you are already dating someone or are still looking for the ideal partner, cohabiting might be in your future. However, finding someone you want to live with is just the first step. The next is building a lifestyle that is a good fit for both of you. 

Every person has different wants and needs when it comes to the way they live, and each one of these lifestyles has various benefits and disadvantages. Let’s look at the different styles of living that many people choose as well as the factors that go into those choices. 

What are the Different Living Styles?

There are many different lifestyles you can choose from when you move in with your partner. All of which have their pros and cons. Many of these living styles can even be combined. Here is a list of the most common living styles you can choose from. 

Urban: A Lifestyle that involves living in an urban area such as a city or well-populated town. 

Pros: The urban lifestyle makes travel by foot easier and allows easy access to public transportation and other amenities

Cons: Urban areas tend to have slightly higher crime rates. Noise and lights from outside can also make it difficult to feel comfortable

Suburban: A lifestyle that involves living close to an urban area but in a quiet residential space. 

Pros: Quiet space, lower crime rate, safe for kids and pets.

Cons: Higher cost of living, HOA fees, a specific set of rules you will be expected to follow, lack of freedom with how your home looks

Rural: A Lifestyle that involves living outside of the urban areas

Pros: A potential for lots of land, the ability to have different animals and livestock, lots of potential for self-sufficiency

Cons: Little to no access to public transportation and other amenities, will likely need a car for traveling, a lot of land to upkeep. 

Nomadic: A Lifestyle that involves living in one’s vehicle

Pros: Very low cost of living, the ability to travel whenever you wish, quiet place to live

Cons: Will have to pay for a gym membership or at truck stops to shower. Not ideal when you have lots of kids and pets. The vehicle will likely need specialist repairs if living in an RV or converted van. You can only park and sleep in approved areas. There is often a lack of stability as well. 

Factors That Can Apply to the Decision

When deciding on how and where you want to live there are a few questions that may influence your decision.

Where Do You Want to Live?

The area you live in is an important aspect when it comes to any lifestyle. Even those who live a nomadic lifestyle will most likely live it out in a specified area. Whether you choose to live out in the country or in the middle of the city, where you want to live can have the most effect on how much space you wish to have. 

How Much Space Will You Need?

Many factors can determine how much space you may require. A couple may only need enough space to sleep and move about comfortably. Of course, if there are animals and children involved you may find yourself requiring more space. Let’s look at some of the factors that may go into how much space you may want. 

Are There Children and Pets Involved?

Children and animals need enough space to move about. Children also need access to their privacy at times. While sharing a bedroom is perfectly normal, children need to be able to have a space that is their own. The age of the children is also a factor that needs to be considered as well. A younger child may be able to live and sleep comfortably in the same area as their mother and father while an older child may require more privacy and personal space.

Are You Going To Be Living in Rural, or Urban Lifestyles?

Living a rural lifestyle may result in you being able to afford more space and living an urban lifestyle may result in you having to deal with less space. Along with space you also have to consider what factors are important and which ones are not. 

Is This Long-Term or Short-Term?

Long-term and short-term living solutions can make the decision easier or harder. You may wish to eventually own a small farm out in the country with a nice home on it as a long-term living solution. However, you may be willing to deal with living in a small apartment in the middle of the city for a few years to reach that goal. The length of this lifestyle is one of the factors that you may have to consider. 

How much personal space are you willing to give up?

Some lifestyle choices require more space and others require less space. Whether you live in a small apartment in the middle of the city or a cottage out in the woods. You may have to determine how much space you are willing to give up. 

Is The Ability to Travel on a Whim Important?

For some, the ability to travel on a whim goes over everything else. After all, many people want to be able to see the world around them and are willing to sacrifice everything to make it possible. 

What Sacrifices Are You Willing to Make?

Ultimately when finding the perfect lifestyle for you and your partner sacrifices and compromises will have to be made. You may wish to live in the middle of the city and have easy access to the amenities, while your partner may wish to live a nomadic lifestyle and be able to travel the country. A solution may be an agreement to rent an RV every summer and travel while living in the city for the rest of the year. You need to determine what kinds of sacrifices you wish to make with your partner to determine the best lifestyle for you. 

How Can I Find Someone Who Wants to Live a Similar Lifestyle to Me?

You may already be living your ideal lifestyle and want to find someone who wishes to live the same way as you do. But where can you find that ideal lifestyle partner? Here are a few places to look.

Dating Apps

Dating apps such as the hily dating app are a great way to find a partner with similar ideals and lifestyle choices that you have. All you have to do is make an account and fill out the information and the apps will start matching you with potential partners. 

Social Media Groups

There are social media groups for everything. Including specific lifestyles in your area. By joining these groups you can connect with others with the same lifestyle choices you have, and develop new friendships and relationships through it. 


Some events cater to everything including lifestyles. Simply googling lifestyle conventions and festivals can give many results all over the world. 

Whether you choose to live out one lifestyle or another many factors can go into how you choose to live. It will take a lot of consideration as well as some sacrifice. However, the life you choose to live is your own.