Feng Shui forecast for Novosibirsk on April 24

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Saturday can definitely be considered the best day of the week, astrologer Agata Sumarokova pleases Novosibirsk; the restrictions that will arise today are minor and do not apply to everyone.

Saturday, April 24 – Water Tiger Day, meaning of the day – “Opening”. Such a day opens you up to the world, and new opportunities for you. Any public speeches, presentations, advertising events are especially successful. The day is suitable for purchasing real estate.

A good forecast is also given by the lunar parking “Zakroma [Белого Тигра]”- such a day is suitable for marriage, the beginning of construction, charity and any work for the benefit of society.
The negative factor of today’s Saturday: there is a high probability of becoming a victim of theft or losing important documents, both literally and figuratively: it is not worth borrowing or investing money.

For those who were born on the day, month or year of the Monkey, Saturday does not prepare any pleasant surprises; most likely, you will consider her an ordinary day, no happier than others.