Feng Shui forecast for Novosibirsk on April 15

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And again, a contradictory day awaits us, when the energies of the day and the meaning of the lunar station contradict each other – you will have to connect your intuition in order to use both to your advantage. astrologer Agatha Sumarokova warns.

Thursday, April 15 – Water Snake Day, the meaning of the day is “Elimination”… This day is intended to get rid of unnecessary things, both things and relationships, and even ideas. And where exactly you will carry out spring cleaning – in the house or in the head – depends on you.

Lunar parking “Bucket [Черной Черепахи]” is intended for something completely different – “scooping up”: you can work out some fundamental ideas, invest in business and relationships, conduct commercial transactions.

Finally, the third factor that is active today is the high probability of theft or loss of money and documents.

Today it is worth listening to yourself and trying to feel which energy is closer to you, which seems more attractive: filling or removal? Cleaning or planning? Or can you combine it all?

However, for those who were born in a year, month or pig day the astrologer advises to be careful: the day may not be the best for you.