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Austin Morell Training Miami, Florida 

As a company one of the traits we consider to best describe us is how well rounded we are, we train to our client’s needs and for that reason we also have hired our female personal trainer. We are proud to have a diverse group of women that train our clients. They train them to best fit their fitness goals which is the way we are unique from other companies. 


Who we Train at Austin Morell Training

In Austin Morell Training we train all of our trainers to know how to train and work out with all types of ages and disabilities. Our trainers specialize in all types of injury rehab as well as elderly patients. In order to make sure that all our trainers are fit to train, we have weekly or bi weekly training sessions with them. Our owner and CEO makes sure that our clients are getting the attention they deserve and are paying for. This is why we set up these sessions where we get to see how our trainers are training our clients and thus teach them skills in communication and teaching. This approach is what we have found best fits our trainers and allows us to see how we can improve the communication and relationships between our clients and our trainers. 


Female personal trainer Weston

Working with our female personal trainers in Weston has been an incredible process because it allows us to tailor our training to women. For us in the training world it is very important to have both female and male trainers to make sure that we have both genders. This way it is better for our clients and we can best fit their needs. As some clients might feel more comfortable with female personal trainers, we make sure that we have that option to make all of our clients comfortable and feel they’re in a safe space. 

Another thing that allows us to fit everyone’s needs and desires as our clients is to provide them with a very clear and direct communication line with our CEO. Our CEO is a personal trainer in Miami who has experience and has incredible communications skills.

These skills have been passed on to our trainers and thus it allows for an amazing connection between our clients and our trainers. As a CEO, Austin is always reaching out to the clients making sure that our trainers are being respectful and on time.


We pride ourselves in having this open communication for the client as they will always have back up if needed. The clients also have the ability to communicate openly with our trainers to make sure all their questions about their meal plans or work outs are answered and their fitness goals are being met.

Client Goals And Plans 

With weekly, monthly and quarterly check ins we ensure that the goals our client selects are being achieved. The good thing about these check ins is that it allows us to see if there is anything that needs changing in the workout, supplement or diet plan. If something needs to be changed we make sure the changes are made in order to ensure the success in all our clients’ transformations.