Fedora Hats: The Fashion Accessory for Men

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Throughout history, the trends in the fashion industry emerged and vanished. However, the fedora hats are one of the best accessories in the fashion industry that have withstood the test of time. But how much do you know about the fedora hat?

The popularity of the fedora hat started in 1897 after it replaced the formal homburg hat. Prince Edward of Wales was the most popular person who used to wear the fedora hats all the time. This classic hat was once a women’s hat. But after the modernization of the fashion industry, men also wear the fedora hats to showcase their personality. Nowadays, most men choose the fedora hats for their formal look.

Wearing a textile web, a hat on your head, is almost as old as the world itself. The headgear was even one of the main social markers just a few decades ago. Wearing a hat will complete your look – it’s a simple yet great accessory to make you look confident. You can get a high quality premium hats in out category of custom Richardson hats specially Richardson embroidered hats. Wearing hats can also benefits in our health.

Fedora hats were a feminine fashion accessory and most of them were worn by the upper-class females during the 19th century. But then men started wearing the fedora hats.

The fedora hats have gone through various changes for the past couple of years. To purchase the right fedora hat, you need to know about them. Without further introduction, let’s get started.

What is a Fedora Hat?

The fedoras for men are one of the most flexible hats available in the market. They feature a short brim. However, the fedora hats have different styles and designs. Therefore, in some cases, you will notice a wider brim on the fedora hats. This mystical and classic fashion accessory comes with three creases on the top. One crease is on the top and two creases are on the side.

You can also notice decorations such as ribbons on the base of the hat. But this option is very much dependent on the preferences of the wearer. The fedora hats are known as formal hats. Even though they will look great at formal events, you can wear the fedora hats at informal events too. But you need to be careful with your dress code.

The History of the Fedora Hats 

Fedora hats started gaining popularity amongst men during the first half of the 20th century. Due to their frequent use amongst gangsters, the popularity of the fedora hats grew beyond expectation.

However, the hat lost all the popularity during the mid-century. But during the second half of the 20th century, the artistic and cultural movement again increased the popularity of the fedora hats. This is because famous movie stars like Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra started wearing them. Additionally, fedora hats were used in the Indiana Jones movies, portrayed by Ford Harrison. At the end of the century, the fedora hats sprung back and surpassed their previous fame thanks to their versatility and influence of the stars such as Michael Jackson.

Currently, you can see many men wearing the fedora hats as per their fashion sense and dress code. People wear the fedora hats to showcase numerous fashion schemes, especially the urban or bohemian dress code.

The History behind the Name “Fedora”

Even though the name might seem masculine, the name of the fedora hat came from the 1882 play Victorien Sardou, where the main protagonist character Sarah Bernhardt portrayed the role of princess Fedora.

In the play, the character was spotted wearing a hat, which became popular amongst women quickly by the name of fedora hats. “Borsalino” is another famous name that has been given to the fedora hats. This is because Giuseppe Borsalino increased the popularity of the fedora hats all around the world in the 20th century according to CTN News.

How the Fedora Hats Are Made?

The manufacturing process of the fedora hats is both complicated and time-consuming. Manufacturers collect felt from the wool threads as well as synthetic threads using pressure and heat. Felt is the primary material for this job due to its moldable and lightweight features. As per Sew Port, felt is breathable. Most manufacturers prefer using felt while crafting fedora hats.

After is material is collected, the shaping process is started. For this process, manufacturers use a wooden mold that is covered with felt and apply steam through the chamber or directly. When the fabric is shaped properly, all excess materials are trimmed. Manufacturers take the idea of tapes and linings from the model and apply the specific design.

Sometimes, manufacturers light the fedora hats on fire for a couple of seconds to remove all the traces of lint. This provides the fedora hats more traditional look. However, this is not an essential step.

What Are the Materials of the Fedora Hats?

Felt is usually the common material manufacturers used in the hat-making process. The fabric is moldable, malleable, and comes with a great embroidery base. The material is crafted from hair fibers or wool that is pressed together using steam. The thickness is dependent on the material as well as the uses and purpose of the hats.

Additionally, felt is also extremely easy to dye. Even though most fedora hats are made of felt, manufacturers sometimes use straw or canvas to create the fedora hats. This is dependent on the environment.


Now that you know some interesting facts about the fedora hats, it’s time to visit our website and choose the perfect fedora hats. If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment below.

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